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Everywhere on earth metropolitan areas suffer from growing congestion. The situation is bound to become worse, especially in emerging countries, as everybody wants to have a car. More individual traffic cannot be the answer, not the electric car, not even car-sharing. Cities have only one solution: extend their public transport systems, make them faster and… » read more

Recently European Council reached a controversial agreement concerning the Schengen zone. In Council conclusions of June 24 one reads about a mechanism that “should be introduced in order to respond to exceptional circumstances putting the overall functioning of Schengen cooperation at risk”. The said mechanism could encompass a safeguard clause that would allow “the exceptional… » read more

For the first time in history the European Air Space has been closed. For five days essentially all air traffic had come to a halt. Seven million air travellers – tourists, air commuters, officials, businessmen and even statesmen – could not reach their destinations by using aircraft, the fastest, cheapest and often the most convenient… » read more

The EU paved my way to Douala

By Davide Marchesi Towards the end of 2009 I happened to be in Cameroon for a few months. One of the first things I learnt during my stay is that transport is a real issue in Cameroon. There’s a local joke about drivers which says: “When you see a Cameroonian driving straight, you’ll know that… » read more

EU domain names for sale

Brusselsblogger’s sister blog “Brusselsmedia” today features a post about an auction of EU domain names. If you are in EU communications or just responsible for an EU project you might want to check it out. Original post by brusselsblogger

Budapest bicyclists claim a world record for their mass demonstration on Earth Day 2008. Yesterday 80,000 riders rallied to promote cycling, awareness of the climate change and protest against traffic mismanagement. Critical Mass is an event typically held on the last Friday of every month in cities around the world where bicyclists take to the… » read more

The Hungarian government’s decision to participate in Russia’s South Stream pipeline, an alternative natural gas feeding infrastructure into Europe was highly debated. A gas depot will also be located in Hungary that will take in a minimum of 1 billion cubic meters of gas. Many believe that this decision (similar decisions were made by other… » read more

Biofuel goes sky-high!

With some noise Virgin Air and Boeing announced that they were doing a commercial flight on biofuel. Well it was only a short-haul, London-Amsterdam and it was only one of four tanks that had the new fuel and it was only 20% of the blend in that one tank that came from bio. But we… » read more

Based on a Discussion Webinar, Friday, 18 January 2008 How best to heat a house is a question that is often hotly debated. On one side, it is a purely personal choice affecting our daily life and personal comfort and productivity. But on the other side, given the enormous amount of heating energy the global… » read more

Biofuel for transport

Based on a Discussion Webinar held Friday 26 January 2008 In the industrialized countries, the transport sector is responsible for about one quarter of all energy consumption, so a low carbon solution is imperative. Biofuel has been promoted as being green, but lately it received more opposition from green NGOs than any other transport fuel.… » read more

This Workshop ate EBS 2008 will deal with the challenges to the transport sector in the EU, which ranges from urban transport to road transport and includes the rail sector, aviation and maritime transport. The transport sector is responsible for 31% of Community energy consumption and 26% of EU CO2 emissions. A. Transport in the… » read more

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