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Author: Ana Alibegova That’s what they do in Europe. You go down to the city hall and you become legally connected. You have a civil union there. Then, if you’re religious, you go down to the church, and the church blesses the union. That gets the problem solved. – Tony Campolo. Quite often we […]

For the first time in history the European Air Space has been closed. For five days essentially all air traffic had come to a halt. Seven million air travellers – tourists, air commuters, officials, businessmen and even statesmen – could not reach their destinations by using aircraft, the fastest, cheapest and often the most convenient… » read more

The world traveller

Author: Ana Alibegova Photos: Dalibor’s private archive Dalibor Stajic is a student at the Faculty of Filology in Skopje. He had an opportunity to visit lot of European cities, won a scholarship for a year of non-degree studies in USA and is active in the NGO sector. He says that traveling makes people […]

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