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In interpreting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s long speech of 22 March, the audience – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) – has to be taken into account. Her support for Israel was effusive: • The relationship between the US and Israel has never been more important. • The US has long recognized… » read more

The US Treasury, in its semi-annual report delivered every April and October, can formally label China as a “currency manipulator” on account of the yuan’s substantial undervalue. This would allow the Department of Commerce to impose countervailing duties on a wide range of Chinese products. US Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner told the Senate Finance Committee… » read more

The Department of Energy has closed its $465 million loan with Tesla Motors, Inc. for construction of a manufacturing facility in southern California on the Model S electric sedan and a power-train manufacturing facility in Palo Alto, California. The Palo Alto facility will assemble electric vehicle battery packs, electric motors, and related electric vehicle control… » read more

Less than two months after the Copenhagen Climate Conference Congress the US Administration has taken three major decisions on its future energy policy: • A 10 percent increase of its nuclear capacity President Obama has signed an $ 8 billion loan guarantee for the first two new nuclear reactors to be built in 30 years.… » read more

I have in previous blog posts, strongly disagreed with criticism of Baroness Ashton. The nomination of Joao Vale de Almeida to succeed John Bruton as EU ambassador in Washington is, however, worrying. I believed that Hermann Van Rompuy and Catherine Ashton were the right appointments but not necessarily for the right reason. She was right… » read more

“While America Slept” is a worthwhile and timely piece by English author and Americanphile Andrew Roberts. He like Winston Churchill believes given will and self belief Americans can accomplish virtually anything. In his classic The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Sam Huntington echoed this sentiment arguing if America’s elites retain confidence… » read more

The United States may have slashed NASA’s budget for manned spaceflight but space exploration is still important to our daily lives – in telecommunication and television, weather forecasting and even global finance. At the 1st EU-ESA International Conference (October 2009) Commissioner Verheugen defined European space exploration as a booster for innovation and as a catalyst… » read more

By now, the scenario employed against Greece, Portugal and Spain by New York-based international financial scoundrels is all too familiar to anyone who recalls the events of the 1997-98 Asian financial crisis. Then, as now, hedge funds targeted a country whose GDP was largely dependent on tourist dollars – Thailand – and had fiscal problems… » read more

Chinese New Year Greeting

TO ALL CHINESE READERS This last year was an extremely difficult one for all of us. China has performed extraordinarily well economically in the global recession, which has helped see the acceleration of the trend of economic and financial gravity away from the West and to Asia . Barack Obama entering the White House was… » read more

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