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La secrétaire d’Etat Hillary Clinton a présenté le rapport 2009 des Etats-Unis sur la situation des droits de l’homme dans le monde.Dans son rapport annuel sur la situation des droits de l’homme, Washington critique sans réserve la Chine et l’Iran. Les Etats-Unis pointent également une résurgence de l’antisémitisme. http://www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/hrrpt/200… Symbole annuel de l’universalisme américain, la… » read more

Some thoughts about repercussions of the USA decision to back away an anti-missile sites in east Europe as well as NATO new approach towards Russia Last week was marked by two important announcement could lead to tremendous shift in European security: the USA President remarks “On strengthening missile defence in Europe”[1] as well as NATO… » read more

In an International Herald Tribune column asking “Is Europe’s welfare system a model for the 21st century?” Katrin Bennhold contends that, as the world’s economic elite gather in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum, there is decidedly less Europe-bashing than in years past. After the global financial shake-out of the past year, she wonders,… » read more

Women in national parliaments

Which countries have a female majority, or a roughly equal level of involvement in the legislative power? Here is a world map compiled by the data of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The question was raised by Doug Merill of afoe when it turned out that New Hampshire in the U.S. has now more female senators than… » read more

Eurpoeans can join change.org

The American president-elect has two sites: change.gov to help the transition to his administration, and change.org to maintain involvement in his campaign. Foreign nationals, including us, Europeans, can join in and try to influence the new American policies. The idea that a president-elect is fishing for policy ideas on the internet sounds a bit scarry… » read more

In the aftermath of the first oil crisis, 1975, the French President Giscard d`Estaing had the clever idea to invite the heads of government of what were then the major economic powers – USA, Japan, Germany, UK and Italy – to an informal fire chat at Rambouillet Castle to discuss about the global economic system.… » read more

Several American medias reported about the strange meeting that John McCain had in Montenegro, during his visit in 2006. Extracts from the Nation magazine: In mid-September The Nation’s website published a photo of McCain celebrating his seventieth birthday in Montenegro in August 2006 at a yacht party hosted by convicted Italian felon Raffaello Follieri and… » read more

After the IMF has formally accepted huge loan requests from Hungary and Ukraine (and also Iceland on the other periphery of the European economic area), Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Serbia are in the waiting line – not to forget our almost forgotten EU-applicant Turkey, too. I think the French presidency should send out another… » read more

Wordle let’s you focus on the essence with these beautiful visualizations of the two texts. According to the tradition, Barack Obama spoke first as the contender from the opposition:And here are John McCain’s most accented words: I think this will be a tight and interesting match as the best candidates competing from both parties. For… » read more

I am a big Obama fan, but as Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International observes, Obama’s speech in Berlin (see video below) was not much more than a presidential campaign stump speech designed more for a domestic American audience than reflecting on any particular traits of a European populus. Yes, I was a little disappointed with… » read more

The Atlantic Review has a useful mesh-up on France’s defence policy. France has signaled over the past few months that it may pursue reintegration into the NATO command structure, which President Charles de Gaulle left in 1966. The more positive reading of this policy shift is that after re-integration Europe will be stronger within NATO… » read more

The 17-year-long dispute between Macedonia and Greece, in which Greece has challenged its new sovereign neighbor over its name, has intensified seven days before the next NATO summit. Macedonia will be invited into the alliance if Greece will not veto the decision. What makes this dispute really damaging is that one party involved is an… » read more

The Hungarian government’s decision to participate in Russia’s South Stream pipeline, an alternative natural gas feeding infrastructure into Europe was highly debated. A gas depot will also be located in Hungary that will take in a minimum of 1 billion cubic meters of gas. Many believe that this decision (similar decisions were made by other… » read more

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