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Facebook0TwitterLinkedinLa crise économique empêche d’améliorer les conditions dans les prisons, telle est la première leçon à retenir de ce rapport annuel 2013 qui vient d’être publié. Le second enseignement est la profonde disparité entre les pays qu’il s’agisse de 47 pays membres du Conseil de l’Europe ou des 28 pays membres de l’Union européenne. Ces… » read more

Facebook0TwitterLinkedinBy EurActiv’s Newsroom Tension is growing inside the EPP group of the EU Parliament over LuxLeaks. A petition was started to investigate the scandal. Juncker didn’t like it. He complained to Angela Merkel. She reportedly yelled at Manfred Weber. What’s next?

Facebook0TwitterLinkedinAre Naturalist Nutters showing signs of inconsistency or of a sudden logical outburst when they criticise those who do not vaccinate? Hardly – they are exhibiting a perfectly justifiable illogic that easily harmonises contradictory thinking. We need to accept that there is no logic to risk decisions and learn how to manage risks in an… » read more

Facebook0TwitterLinkedinEurActory, the directory that gathers information about experts on EU affairs, was recently launched in beta at the European Parliament. Of course, you already knew that. Above is the video we recorded at the event, including statements of the supporters behind the project. “Anything that we can do to make policy-making more transparent and more… » read more

Facebook0TwitterLinkedinLa vieja Europa vuelve a ser escenario de un conflicto armado y se repite la percepción de riesgo o amenaza de globalización del mismo. Ucrania sirve de mesa de operaciones de una perversa partida de ajedrez con los intereses de las grandes potencias mundiales en juego. Y una vez más, miles de seres humanos inocentes… » read more

Facebook0TwitterLinkedinGuest blogpost by Alejo Vidal-Quadras, professor of Atomic and Nuclear Physics and former vice-president of the European Parliament (1999-2014). The recent assassination of Alberto Nisman, the top Argentinean prosecutor in charge of the investigation into the bombing of AMIA Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires in 1994 – one of the biggest terrorist attacks in… » read more

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