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Hi Blogactivs

This is my first test post, just to say hello. I was thinking to post some information about the Social Computer and the more recent Civil Sandbox project. I can blog about it here and the progress so that others can get involved. I’d also be posting semi-random interest stories and personal reports on events… » read more

Vlog Europe

In one week’s time, September 1st and 2nd, some of the finest video bloggers in Europe will meet for their annual conference. There’s still time to register and most everything at vlogeurope is completely free, all the more reason to join us without fear. We will be discussing the world of video blogs in Europe… » read more

History of Oil

Reading through a history of Royal Dutch Shell, the UK-Dutch oil super corporation. I use the term super because in terms of global reach and revenue, they’re more than a corporation. They’re more than European. While the history is interesting and it is certainly a very complex story, I’m not convinced about the corporation’s track… » read more

EUTube is funny

Of all the web 2.0 madness, the most clever little title has to be EU tube. Or maybe thats only clever to me. Here, let’s test how embedded video looks on ze blog. Original post by bicyclemark

Less Security Please

I happen to have arrived in Lisbon at the same time as Tony Blair, Condi, and other assorted superstars attending the mideast quartet summit. (or whatever name they’re giving it these days) Of course, in now typical fashion, the city was under military occupation throughout their meeting. Highways closed, military police brandishing all manner of… » read more

In November 2007, the European Commission is due to present its first ideas on what has been called the 2008 “health check” of the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP). The phrase “health check” has been carefully chosen to prevent any fears that the Commission will start a new “review” of its most controversial policy area.… » read more

Unsustainable Vacation

I have the good fortune of getting to pop around between Central Europe’s finest cities all year round. From my home to Amsterdam, to Berlin, to Paris, to Brussels, and everything in between. One thing I notice is each city’s effort to adopt environmentally sound policies in areas like waste management, energy use, fuel, architecture,… » read more

This week’s Economist has an excellent analysis of think tanks and political debates in Brussels. Its main message: “the level and quality of public debate in the EU capital are depressingly low”. I could not agree more having attended and sometimes moderated lots of the conferences or seminars where these debates should take place. The… » read more

In a comment to the first post of this blog, Raymond van Ermen wrote the following: “The Berlin Declaration celebrating the EU’s 50th anniversary is very disappointing for two reasons : o In January 2007, President Barroso named sustainability as one of the EU’s five key values, to be enshrined in the Berlin Declaration celebrating… » read more

With more than half of the world population living in mega-cities, the miracle key to opening the door of a low-carbon Europe lies in these cities. Therefore, the C40 initiative, led by London, and supported by the Clinton Foundation, probably does more for the fight against climate change and energy insecurity than all UN climate… » read more

Europe is at a historical crossroads. The European Union, which has been a unique and by and large successful project, has reached its final destination and needs a fundamental visionary as well as institutional redesign if it is to find answers to the overwhelming global challenges of the 21st century. Neither the latest EU enlargement… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘UK Conservatives vow to fight back after Lisbon setback‘: Mr Cameron’s position is intellectually dishonest. He knows full well that he cannot “negotiate” further opt-outs, not least because the UK already has quite many. He wants to have his cake and eat it: staying in the EU in order to throw a spanner… » read more

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