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How can you put data to good use while respecting users’ concerns about their personal data protection? It’s a question that many projects are confronted with when digging into all kinds of data sources. Already, big data is triggering innovation across different sectors in Europe. Businesses in the retail sector, for instance, started looking into… » read more

That the title of this post has a certain truth in it is undisputable. Flexibility has always been a high good, not only because of our daily commute and work related trips, but also for all of our private movements. The ability to participate online in an event, even in our daily work (i.e. telecommuting),… » read more

It’s 2015 and Ukraine has much in common with the famous cartoon from the 1950s. Like the Wile E. Coyote, its economy ran over the hill and is now suspended mid-air, treading on air. Inflation is upwards of 25%, foreign currency reserves are melting away to prop up a tumbling currency, the GDP contracted by… » read more

Guest blogpost by Ian Hansen, program assistant with the Atlantic Council. By almost any measure, Europe has had a difficult start to 2015. The attacks in Paris, the increased unrest in Ukraine, and the elections in Greece are just three issues that underscore an increasingly vulnerable and divided continent. Yet, while Europe faces various challenges,… » read more

Chers ami(e)s et partenaires d’EurActiv, L’année 2015 commence bien pour vous? Nous sortons d’une année politique de renouvellement européen des dirigeants et des priorités. C’est maintenant le temps des législations débattues et des actions mises en œuvre dans les pays. Le réseau EurActiv en 12 langues y prendra toute sa part, depuis 12 capitales. Nous… » read more

By Tony Graziano, Vice-President of Huawei’s EU Public Affairs Office Wouldn’t it be handy to know which of the people participating in the same event as you share your interests? Well, now there’s an app for that. Thanks to the winning team at the EU-China App Hackathon, the COCOFFEE app will soon enable us to… » read more

Tax evasion in Greece

Euractiv reported last week (5 February) that the European People´s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament intends to propose a motion of censure in the parliament against the right-wing Independent Greeks party. Following the recent election in Greece, they were included in a government coalition with the Syriza Party. Its founder Panos Kammenos has been… » read more

On the example of Russian-Ukrainian relations the world community faced a new type of aggression – the so-called hybrid war. The whole world observes the Russia`s funding and arming of insurgents on the south-east of Ukraine. With their help it performs military operations, organizes provocations, diversions, terrorist attacks in the territory of Ukraine, destroying infrastructure,… » read more

He has been on board for three months only, but has already managed to attract attention, doubts and criticisms. I am referring to Jean-Claude Juncker, and his plan to create a new European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). A plan to trigger a “Virtuous Triangle”, so he claims: investment, fiscal responsibility and structural reforms, to… » read more

On February 2, during the annual meeting between civil society and the European Investment Bank’s (EIB) Board of Directors, the EIB revealed that the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) was among its priority projects for 2015 in the Balkans.[*] by Kuba Gogolewski, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, planned to stretch from Greece via Albania… » read more

By Georgi Gotev Yesterday Jan Eliasson recognised me and said: Hey, you still look young. I realised that the world was going to change more and faster than most people thought. And of course Sweden had been a facilitator for this change.

Guest blogpost by Anne van Schaik, Sustainable Finance Campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe, and Sam Lowe, Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI). In 2011, communities across the island of Kalangala, Uganda, were ejected from their land in order to facilitate the expansion of oil palm. Financed by the Uganda… » read more

Guest blogpost by Wolfgang Petritsch, Igor Mitschka and Nils Metter. New student conference at Yale initiates dialogue about TTIP and future of the EU Listening to the vocal campaigns on both sides of the Big Pond, one might think of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations as the Super Bowl of the Transatlantica:… » read more

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