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What is the place of women in development? What are the challenges and achievements of the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls? How should the promotion of gender equality be included in the post-2015 agenda? These are some of the issues discussed during the fifty-eighth session of the Commission on the… » read more

Malnutrition is defined as undernutrition, micro-nutrient deficiency and overweight. Unfortunately, it causes high economic and social costs to society in almost every country. According to FAO’s latest estimates, 12.5 percent (868 million people) of the global population is undernourished. Still, 26 percent of the world’s children have child growth retardation (stunting); 2 billion people suffer… » read more

By Natalia Alonso, Oxfam’s EU Head of Office The latest figures from the OECD seem promising but hide an uncomfortable truth. Donors have collectively increased their development aid spending, but most of Europe’s wealthiest governments still fail to meet promises designed to alleviate global poverty and slash economic inequality. Overall, the EU-19 contribution to overseas… » read more

The findings of a visit to the EBRD sponsored Patos Marinza oil field in Albania show how local development and investments in resource extraction often do not go hand in hand. The case provides valuable lessons for the revision of the EBRD’s safeguard policies. by David Hoffman, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog I first visited… » read more

As activists pointed out at a consultation meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia’s hydropower sector has plenty of lessons to be learned by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. by David Chipashvili, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog Yesterday in Tbilisi, during a public consultation on the good governance policies of the European Bank for Reconstruction and… » read more

When problems find people

Think of innovation in health and many people conjure up images of men and women in white coats – surrounded by coloured test tubes crouched over microscopes in sterile laboratories – developing intricate vaccines or other miracle cures. Yet these tightly controlled, high cost, industrial scale operations are only one end of a very long… » read more

By Kuba Gogolewski, BankWatch Six months after the Egyptian army deposed Egypt’s first freely elected president, the weak democratic signals by the authorities are overshadowed by widespread repression. How can the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development possibly help under these circumstances? Or put differently: Will the limited benefits to the country’s private sector from… » read more

In the fractious, rife-with-conflicts Arab World, described for long time as immune to democratic transformations, revolts sneaked in, toppling some regimes and shaking the thrones of others. Despite the great efforts and numerous investments and projects in the region, the perception of Arab masses has not changed in a way that reflects the deep and… » read more

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