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Guest post by Fitch F. RICH, Croatian Blogger- Blog: Croatia Calling After parliamentary elections which haven’t really changed anything despite the defeat of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), the time has come for us to decide whether we would like to be a part of (Dis)United Europe. The breaking news is that the referendum on our… » read more

Author: Angela Velkova I often dreamt of reaching new horizons, stretching myself to the limit, throwing myself into new challenges, of some organized society with innumerable opportunities for every young person calling upon me…hence, when the opportunity came, I couldn’t resist it. For one academic year I was diligently studying in the USA. The new… » read more

Doubtful procedures

In August 2011 Polish prosecution transferred to Belarus bank account information of Ales Bialatsky. On the basis of the information obtained by Belarusian authorities Bialatsky was sentenced to 4.5 years in a high security prison and his assets were confiscated. Today (12 December 2011) Polish airport border guard detained Ales Michalewicz. He was pursued with… » read more

NIOD Report on Srebrenica

In my previous articles ( “Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed” – Finally a Critical Documentary about Srebrenica Tragedy and Media War of Yugoslav Secession continues ) I covered issues which are challenging the “official” picture about Srebrenica massacre. As expected there is a heated debate in different forums about events itself and about right to show… » read more

I wish I suggested this great exchange that I had with Jan which dates back to last September (I should have done that with several former comments): “jan Comment by jan | 2011/09/25 at 02:01:27 Turkey should not join the EU at all because there is no benefit whatsoever towards Turkey other than lifting visa… » read more

EU term presidency of half-state in Cyprus shows EU’s weakness – November 24th 2011 President Abdullah Gül gave clear messages to the European Union on Cyprus dispute in a speech he delivered at the British Parliament. Greek Cypriot side is blocking ways to find a solution, President Gül said, adding that the prospect of the… » read more

Last Monday Turkish President Abdullah Gül stated through The Guardian: Relations with the EU are a strategic choice. It goes beyond political parties. It should be the same within the EU. In 2004 Germany (Mr Gerard Schröder) and France (Mr Jacques Chirac) strongly supported Turkey and its EU path and signed for the opening of… » read more

EU commissioner skeptical of Turkey’s growth I wonder what Mr Karel De Gucht’s objective is. I didn’t expect such a subjective stance from an EU commissioner. Has he a complex? I quote: Although Turkey has made major progress in growth, its GDP per capita is still lower than the smallest EU member state, said EU… » read more

No visa, no signature, says FM Davutoğlu – November 20th 2011 Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Saturday that Turkey knew the European Union (EU). ISTANBUL- Speaking at the Session of Ministers as part of the “World Turkish Entrepreneurs Congress” in Istanbul, Davutoğlu said that Turkey “was playing with the rules of the EU”. Davutoğlu… » read more

Daily newspaper “Vijesti” brought an intwerview with former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro – Branko Lukovac. He said that “European enlargement agenda is currently on the second place and it is good that the Montenegrin Prime Minister Igor Luksic publicly pointed to the possibility that the decision to start negotiations with Montenegro might be… » read more

The article below published yesterday by TRT English is promising. At last Sweden, Britain, Spain, Italy and Finland (members of “Friends of Turkey”) have decided to act concretely. If you act as you think, the missing link, synchronicity (Sting – ‘Synchronicity I’ / “Synchronicity”). In my opinion the most important article of the plan that… » read more

The CHP as Turkey’s social-democratic party and main opposition has always been a firm defender of EU’s enlargement to Turkey. CHP asks better fulfillment of the EU’s Copenhagen political criteria by Turkey and more regulatory and social reforms. The world needs a better global order as a result of the actual financial, social and political… » read more

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