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Turkey – Iraq Turkey – Bulgaria Turkey – Greece Turkey – Ukraine These are not football matches. These are the next high level strategic meetings that Turkey and Ahmet Davutoğlu have organised. Turkish Minister for Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu was Mehmet Ali Birand’s guest at his weekly “32nd day” TV program. At the end of… » read more

The 1964 Association Agreement between the “European Economic Community” (EEC) and Turkey provided for the establishment of far-reaching economic cooperation, from a customs union to free movement of labour; in the preamble it also contained a reference to possible membership of what was at that time a union of modest ambitions and achievements. The almost… » read more

Over the last two weeks, Turkish diplomacy went all out to capitalise on the country’s increasing international clout. President Abdullah Gul has made a 4-day visit to Germany, Turkey’s main European partner, whereas premier Erdogan has made a highly publicised visit to Egypt and has recently met with President Obama in New York to discuss… » read more

Joschka Fischer stated yesterday through El Pais that Turkey has neo-Ottoman policies because Merkel and Sarkozy froze Turkey’s EU membership process. Following many politicians and media, Mr Joschka Fischer is wrong. Turkey has no neo-Ottoman policies but a Zero problem with the neighbours policy. Is it so difficult to understand? Turkey doesn’t deepen its ties… » read more

“If you want to use a word “genocide” (for Srebrenica) – then OK, but we need a new word to replace the old “genocide” word…” (Noam Chomsky) Srebrenica: A Town Betrayed a Norwegian documentary film directed by Ola Flyum and David Hebditch is now free to watch in Youtube. The film approaches Srebrenica tragedy from… » read more

Derviş speaks to AA on Turkey’s economy Vice-president of Brookings Institute and a member of the Sabanci University Advisory Board, Kemal Derviş has spoken to AA on Turkey’s economy. Derviş said Monday that if Turkey’s dynamism continued, it could go much further in the next 10 years than it did in the past 10 years.… » read more

Cyprus: a little more salt?

I quote from EurActiv: A written statement issued by EU Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Stefan Füle’s office last week read that “the Commission regrets any statements that are not conducive to the objective of peaceful settlement of border disputes” and recalled that “the Council of Ministers has repeatedly underlined the importance of progress in… » read more

Perhaps the biggest ever media scandal rocks Britain, with Rupert Murdoch’s empire being shattered by a storm of public revulsion, at last. The tabloid News of the World takes centerstage, as it became known that it had tapped the phones of victims of the 2005 London bombings to get scoops. Also, News of the world… » read more

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk mentioned Croatia at least ten times, as he was receiving the baton of the EU Presidency from his Hungarian colleague Viktor Orban. He obviously wanted to stress the biggest success of his predecessor, namely the closure of the Croatia accession talks. And to inspire a winning spirit to the entire… » read more

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