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According to ABhaber, the christian democrats are still making an anti-Turkey propaganda at the EU parliament. Though the European Union-Turkey negotiations already started. So it’s not credible and sensible to call into question Turkey’s European idendity and EU membership. The EU politicians (the christian democrats at the top) who are disgracefully sabotaging the EU-Turkey negotiations… » read more

Bring on Turkey

I’m more convinced than ever about the official EU-Turkey fusion. Yes, more than ever. The EU is very ill and needs a political change. See the EU below! That picture explains the European situation. Excellent criticism, isn’t it? Chris Patten too thinks what that caricature expresses very well. According to him, the issue of the… » read more

Channel Istanbul

Here is another positive surprise about Turkey: Kanal Istanbul (Channel Istanbul), which is an artificial maritime traffic that will (fully?) replace the current Bosphorus. At the end of the short article below I suggest a few very interesting useful comments.

Practically the Eastern EU enlargement for the moment is stopped. Croatia’s membership is a bit delayed, Turkey’s EU bid is dead as the continent simply has no intention of ever incorporating 70 million Muslims and the rest – such as Serbia – are still more or less in association process. […]

Last week’s ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Kosovo’s 2008 declaration of independence did not contravene international law was bitter news for Serbia, which had brought the original case. The Serbian president Boris Tadic said that his country could never accept the unilateral declaration of independence, while for Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians it… » read more

Asking this question, I am using the language of the Turkish chief negotiator Egemen Bagiş. He says that his country’s negotiating process should be ’sustainable’ and advocates benchmarks, allowing chapters to be opened, negotiated and the closed, insted of either being blocked once opened, or prevented from opening. However I am not sure whether he… » read more

Most of the candidates for commissioners have already been put forward. Although it is Barroso’s job to decide their field of activity, in most of the cases, the respective governments express the wish that they be given specific portfolios. EU countries express preferences for portfolios in fields where money is involved, such as internal market,… » read more

Not me, although I can read the language. In case you don’t know the background, please click here. Obviously Macedonia will not join the EU by exacerbating existing and creating inexistent problems with almost all its neighbours. I’m personally sorry about that, because I wish to see the citizens of this landlocked country enjoying the… » read more

Between 1995 and 2007 the EU has almost doubled its membership, from 15 to 27 members, accepting more new member states than ever before within a very short time span. This rapid expansion has not been preceded by the necessary strengthening of its institutional functioning, in particular its decision making capacity. Since 2004, the EU… » read more

During the last days of 2008 Montenegro has submitted a formal application to join the European Union. Montenegro has gained independence in 2006 and signed a pre-accession Stabilisation and Accession Agreement with the EU in October 2007. It’s economy is doing remarkably good although it is highly dependent on Russian investors. EU enlargement commissioner Olli… » read more

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