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At the December 2013 European Council Meeting, EU heads of government pledged to pursue the enlargement of the EU and the eurozone. The list of candidates is quite long. The next challenge for the EU is the accession of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo – six small, mostly multinational countries of the Western… » read more

A legislative package adopted recently by the Verkhovna Rada furnishes Ukrainian authorities with the right to harass the opposition not “under the pretext” but “due to” their failure to obey the law. This is a more dangerous weapon when hidden in holsters than in direct use. Everyone knows that Maidan protesters breach the law. The… » read more

If you’re interested in news from Europe, your periodical menu should be full with Summits trying to solve the Eurozone crisis or with hot stuff happening at the EU borders, as is the case now with Ukraine and Turkey. Nonetheless, this article argues, 2014 might prove critical in terms of political developments, particularly in South… » read more

Ukrainian portal „Tyzhden” published an article in which it warns against Russian actions directed towards several Members to the European Parliament who are engaged in the process of association of Ukraine with the European Union. The list includes 13 names – 5 Polish, 3 German, 2 Estonian, Dutch, Romanian and British. Political circle is mixed.… » read more

Two days in Kiev

Yesterday’s voting in the Vekhovna Rada was an important message about what is going on in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the demonstration in Majdan, there have been signs that so far united Party of the Regions got disintegrated. A few deputies announced their planned withdrawal from the party and it was also said that… » read more

Without a Breakthrough

Some claimed that venison with apple puree preceded by sturgeon in celery sauce would change the result of the Vilnius summit. The elegant dinner was full of courtesy and statements about the indivisibility of the continent, but it did not change the final outcome. We can expect the diplomatic relations with Ukraine to cool down… » read more

People in Kiev gathered again at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Their demand was straightforward: they want to join the European Union. Many people asked me yesterday whether this protest might develop into a serious clash we know from the past. Nobody knows the answer, but this protest differs from that nine years ago. Today’s authorities have a… » read more

By Georgi Gotev The decision of the Ukrainian government to freeze the country’s EU association and instead to revive economic relations with Russia is a resounding slap in the face of Mr. Barroso, Mr. Van Rompuy, Mrs. Ashton, Mr. Füle – all of them scarred for life from this major catastrophe they helped happen.

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