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The more “skillful dodger”

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEP is an author of quite an original concept on Ukraine: President Yanukovych has been deceiving us since the very beginning and he did not want to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union even for a while. All the talks, negotiations and treaties were merely a means to raise the value… » read more

Ukraine: no time to waste

By Borys Kushniruk A thesis that the European Union countries are interested in Ukraine as the sales market of goods is popular, especially in Russia. But considering that GDP of the EU countries following the results of 2012 made up nearly 16 trillion dollars, the importance of Ukraine as the sales market for the next… » read more

By any means 2014 is going to be difficult for Ukraine. An important external factor to be taken into account by governments in many emerging market economies including Ukraine is Federal Reserve policy towards quantitative easing (QE). As soon as QE is stopped, costs of borrowing on international markets for emerging market countries might increase… » read more

The Game is Still On

The meeting of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee is under way. Although it has been one year since the Ukrainian parliamentary election, little optimism can be felt among participants, some of whom constitute a strong Ukrainian representation. Yesterday, after a motion put forward by the Party of Regions, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided that… » read more

The solution of the main problem on the way to signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union – the so-called “selective justice” or “Yuliya Tymoshenko’s question” is accompanied by not completely logical messages and appeals on the side of the European partners of Ukraine. And also, the discrepancy between these messages and appeals… » read more

Consideration of prospects of signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU has entered final straight. The European Parliament has recommended to sign this document in case our country fulfills all conditions laid down by the EU. Ukraine has a wide experience of solving the major questions at the last moment. Let’s recall… » read more

Observing the statements of Russian officials with respect for the EU Association Agreement signature with Ukraine, it may be noticed how they differ from the attitude of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Russian powers that be predict the default for Ukraine and the unlimited number of problems in case of the Association Agreement signature. However, the… » read more

One of the specifics of the Ukrainian relations with the EU is the fact that the European integration, having been the key topic for the opposition rhetoric, has become the key direction of the state politics. Victor Yanukovych has managed to create a promising topic of having closer relations with the European Union, having subordinating… » read more

Guest blog by Aleksandar Kokotovic, Young Voices Advocate from Serbia and an international outreach director for a Serbian think tank. It seems that Kosovo and Serbian relations are a never-ending tale consisting out of provocation and backlashes. Officials made the first big step toward a normalization of Serbia-Kosovo relations in April. It was prompted first… » read more

Human consciousness today is so overloaded with information that any information exceeding the limits of everyday needs and requiring additional intellectual efforts is perceived and digested with difficulty; especially, if it contradicts deeply-rooted stereotypes. That is why the image of Ukraine as a country with the ancient history, powerful fundamental science and education does not… » read more

In order to implement harmonization of Ukraine’s regulatory and legal framework with the EU’s requirements, the Ukrainian government will have to carry out an extremely large-scale work. It will be necessary to elaborate thousands of new regulatory acts and amend thousands of existing regulations. But despite this scope of work, I don’t foresee particular problems… » read more

In 2009, BCSDN published a policy paper critical of the IPA Civil Society Facility (CSF) design. Then, the EC failed to properly consult and reflect on the lessons-learned on supporting the role of civil society in the EU accession process and also failed to develop an approach complementary to the needs of indigenous local CSOs.… » read more

The preparation for the EU Association Agreement is approaching the homestretch; and the confidence is growing that this most significant event over several years in the European space will take place indeed. But everyday life will go on after a certain euphoria reigning after that. The Ukrainian government, like the governments of most European countries,… » read more

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