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Ukraine in homestretch

Although at the last moment possible, but Ukraine is successfully fulfilling European Commissioner Stefan Fule’s “11 points” opening for itself a way to the Association Agreement signature. Autumn 2013 has become a European one in Ukraine; so far, not due to the sharp rise in the standard of living for citizens or the general level… » read more

By Georgi Gotev Back in the Brussels bubble after the summer recess what strikes most is the changed mood vis-à-vis Ukraine. Before, many had doubts as to the real intentions of the Ukrainian leadership. The President Viktor Yanukovich had long cultivated ambiguity. But now Yanukovich, the government, to oligarchs, everybody unequivocally say that the choice… » read more

Ukrainian breakthrough – 2013

“The Ukrainian breakthrough” is an action programme of Tymoshenko’s government adopted in January 2008. It is a populist and declarative document. In autumn 2013 the Verkhovna Rada made a new Ukrainian breakthrough. Yulia Tymoshenko’s “Ukrainian breakthrough” did not stand the test of the global economic crisis. The prime-minister was obliged to back up under its… » read more

On the Road to the AA

By Yevhen Magda In terms of geopolitics, fall 2013 will be determinant for Ukraine. Signing of the Association Agreement (AA) with the EU has not only a symbolic value. It is a possibility to change the consciousness of Ukrainian elite. It is not even a turn to the West, but a return to Europe. Ukrainian… » read more

Egypt’s “democratic” (sic !) coup d’etat is reminiscent of similar political events from pre-2002 Turkey. We can all recall the repeated interventions and coups d’etat perpetrated by the Turkish generals against democratically-elected politicians who happened to displease them, together with the killings, the tortures, arbitrary arrests and prison terms. The same scenario is now playing… » read more

  Today the people of Bosnia struggle to keep alive their unrealized memories, impossible dreams and unforgettable futures, for the souls of their lost loved ones in 1995, in Srebrenica, in Europe.   *** The pain is still fresh Still hurting… We should face with it ! Europeans, we can not and should not escape… » read more

Don’t Flirt!

By Iev Strygul Nobody from politicians or experts deny the fact that the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU will have significant consequences for the EU’s Eastern neighbor. Some are able to recognize the consequences for the EU, or its some particular members. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of those… » read more

Welcome, Croatia!

During the last week of June we have been warming up for welcoming Croatia in the European Union: the European institutions have focused big part of their communication in introducing the new member to the rest of the club through figures, infographics and cool videos highlighting the assets of Croatia or sharing the impressions of… » read more

Croatia becomes the 28th member state of the European Union today, 1 July 2013. A date that marks the completion of a long journey that sees Croatia re-join the European mainstream after 22, often painful, years. Not everything will change overnight, and Croatia still has many challenges to overcome. But Croatia’s accession to the EU… » read more

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