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A small one can do more

The Polish history after 1989 is very much bound up with the countries that emerged after the transition in Central and Eastern Europe. We cared about good relations with our neighbours, repeatedly boasting about the fact that all the neighbours were new and we did not have any serious conflict with any of them. Something… » read more

The head of the Euro-2012 Ukraine local organising committee Markiyan Lubkivskyi called Ukraine’s preparation for the soccer “the peculiar rehearsal of Ukraine’s entering to the EU”. “By preparation for the soccer we have reached new standards not only in the infrastructure – modern stadiums, airports, hotels, but in the life of common people”, he said… » read more

‘EU visa policy on Turkey is illegal,’ German-based advocacy group says – March 16th 2012 I quote: “The Germany-based, non-profit research and policy institute European Stability Initiative (ESI) has said the European Union’s current visa policy regarding Turkey is illegal and in violation of its own legal obligations, not to mention unsustainable. In a newsletter… » read more

Speaking to journalists at the end of the 1-2 March EU summit, Romanian president Traian Băsescu hit back at Dutch arguments, used to block his country from joining the Schengen area. He said the port that is best known for drug smuggling in Europe is Rotterdam and not the Romanian Constanţa port. The Dutch suspect… » read more

  No country can be competitive economically and credible democratically without highest standarts of gender equality. The Turkey’s civilisational roots and aspirations to live in an advanced information society and democracy in the 21st Century justify the highest political focus on gender equality. This is why the Turkish government, parliament and all the political parties… » read more

Apparently, a solution has been found today to unlock Serbia’s EU bid, and also make sure that Kosovo participates in regional forums normally. (Until now agreements have been signed by UNMIK on behalf of Kosovo). “Kosovo*” will be the only denomination to be used, and a footnote attached to the asterisk will read “this designation… » read more

Please see below today’s press release of PES President Sergei Stanishev on Turkey’s accession to the EU and responsibility of European & Turkish conservatives’ responsibility for the current impasse. Twelve years after granting candidate status and six years after the start of accession negotiations, EU-Turkey relations are today at a virtual standstill. It is in… » read more

By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA ISTANBUL (AP) — If a project has no deadline, is it really a project? What do you call a negotiation process in which the partners can’t talk about key issues? These are existential times for Turkey’s campaign to join the European Union — an ambitious vision that has become increasingly ambiguous. At… » read more

Ethnic Serbs living in northern Kosovo – municipalities of Zubin Potok, Zvecan, northern Mitrovica and Leposavic – have been voting in a two-day referendum on February 14.-15. The question was simple: Voters were asked simply ”Do you accept the institutions of the so-called ‘Republic of Kosovo’ established in Pristina?”. Turnout was at 75.28%. Final results… » read more

Recently, political elites and analysts project Cyprus upcoming EU presidency as a deadline (and catalyst) for the resolution of the Cyprus problem, the dispute between Greek-Cypriots and Turkish-Cypriots on the fate of their island. In reality, this is nothing more than empty rhetoric and the EU remains powerless in affecting the resolution of the dispute.… » read more

Guest Post by Fitch F. Rich, Croatian Blogger The results of the referendum are clear – Croatia has chosen Europe! Two thirds of Croatian voters voted ‘YES’ in today’s referendum on country’s EU accession. Exactly 22 years after that historical day when Croatian delegation left the congress of the Yugoslav League of Communists in Sava… » read more

The Danish EU Presidency has a small problem. Its foreign minister Villy Søvndal doesn’t know where is Transnistria, and probably would find it difficult to locate Moldova on a map of Europe. Sixty six Brussels-based journalist witnessed the embarrassment of the minister, who was asked by a Romanian journalist what about Moldova in the Danish… » read more

When General Ilker Başbuğ (a true pro-Atatürk man and soldier) became the Chief of General Staff, the websites created by some traitorous soldiers that aimed at destabilizing the Turkish government already existed. Therefore he can’t be responsible for that anti-government propaganda. Furthermore, these sites were closed following an order given by….Chief of General Staff Ilker… » read more

I knew that one day these two articles regarding Ilker Başbuğ would be useful. I quote some crucial extracts: Turkey’s top general in ‘challenging mood’ over coup allegations – March 16th 2010 When a journalist asked about speculations that top generals might consider resigning from their posts in reaction to the arrests of their colleagues,… » read more

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