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L’année 2012-2013 est l’année de la citoyenneté en Europe. Il n’en reste pas moins que cette expression demeure pour la plupart bien vague. De nombreux européens ont bien compris la portée symbolique de la citoyenneté que l’Union Européenne, il est plus difficile cependant pour ces derniers de réaliser que cette citoyenneté n’est pas que symbolique.… » read more

William Gaillard (Director of commu-nications and Public Affairs for UEFA) announced exclusively this news in December 2012 in the last scientific issue of the think tank Sport and Citizenship (see the article). During this summer’s UEFA Women’s EURO 2013 final tournament, UEFA (partner of Sport and Citizenship) will join up with the World Heart Federation… » read more

2013 est l’Année européenne des citoyens et on a deux autres initiatives à soutenir, même si elles sont peu débattues et controversées. Les citoyens ont la possibilité de continuer à soumettre à l’agenda de la Commission leurs propositions, en utilisant cet instrument qui favorise la participation démocratique. L’initiative citoyenne européenne (ICE), nouvel instrument introduit par… » read more

Le 30 novem­bre 2012, un comité inter­mi­nis­té­riel s’est réuni dans l’opti­que de de fran­chir une nou­velle étape dans l’élaboration d’une troi­sième géné­ra­tion des droits des fem­mes. Après les droits civi­ques reconnus à la Libération, après les droits économiques et sociaux des années 70 et 80, il s’agit désor­mais de défi­nir les droits por­teurs d’égalité réelle.… » read more

Stand Up For Free Media!

European Citizens Initiative for Media Pluralism Without free, independent, and pluralistic media citizens are deprived of the possibility to keep power accountable. Corruption and maladimistration prosper, personal business and political interest replace the common good of all, minorities face increasing marginalisation. The deterioration of media pluralism and media freedom in Europe is above all a… » read more

By Johannes W. Pichler Pre-reflection on the ECI Conference in Vienna, Oct 5th 2012. For the purpose of enhancing the deficient Union’s legitimacy, the “Convention on the Future of the EU” dreamt of full direct democracy in the EU as a means of remedy. More modest assembly members promoted at least a “Principle of Participatory… » read more

April fools

On Fools day, EurActiv published a spoof titled “Belgians submit Citizens’ Initative to make ‘frites’ their own“. It was EurActiv Publisher Christophe Leclercq’s idea to highlight by an April spoof the European Citizen Initiative, officially launched on the same day 1 April. The story was realistically written by my distinguished colleague Frédéric Simon. Too realistically… » read more

Guest Post by Dan Luca When it comes to involve and engage citizens in the decision-making process on a European level, there is confusion about terminology. Some see “asking the interested citizens what they prefer” as active public participation. It is not: “asking the interested citizen” falls under consultation. Consultation is a top-down professional or… » read more

Due to technical reasons, our last post that was planned to be shown here on Monday only appeared on Thursday and therefore after Parliament and Council already agreed on a very positive compromise on roaming. This lead to some confusion. In fact, we warmly welcome this new agreement: On Tuesday evening, the EU lawmakers European… » read more

A level-playing field for European foundations is a step closer to becoming a reality with the European Commission’s adoption of a proposed Regulation on a European Foundation Statute on 8 February 2012. In these tough financial times, with increasingly tightened purse strings and every cent scrutinised, it is vital that foundations have the right tools… » read more

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