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The government has launched a new website where people can post petitions for signature. If a petition gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will may be debated in the House of Commons. The petitions website is here http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/index.html. One of the first campaigns to be launched is the so-called Restore Justice campaign, arguing for the… » read more

On April 1st 2012 an interesting innovation of the Lisbon Treaty will see the reality. At that date, the implementing legislation for Art. 14 EUT will enter into force and enable a minimum of one million citizens from at least seven member countries requesting the European Commission to launch legislative action in areas of common… » read more

Join the debate at the bottom of this post ! Last Wednesday, BlogActiv.eu hosted its 1st BlogActiv Bloggers Café bringing together around 30 EU bloggers and European Citizens’ Initiative stakeholders. This Bloggers Café presented the audience BlogActiv.eu new design and the Online Debate on “Stakeholders’ Community to Federate European Citizens’ Initiatives” in partnership with BlogActiv.eu.… » read more

Join the debate here ! Mr. Jahier, President of Group III, launched the initiative to organise a seminar on the European Citizens’ Initiative, the most innovative and concrete transnational tool of the Lisbon Treaty. He stated that this seminar offered the possibility to bring together forty participants from outside the “Schuman box”. Coming from nineteen… » read more

Welcome to our online debate entitled: ”Stakeholders’ Community to Federate European Citizens’ Initiatives” European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECI) as well as Political Parties’ debates and campaigns could play a key role in the running up to 2014 European Elections. We can distinguish 3 main phases: Phase 1 – April 2012: Official Launch of the European Citizens’… » read more

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