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Whitehouse Consultancy client, the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance, is quoted on top EU food regulation site Nutraingredients.com defending the sector’s products. The defence comes as two researchers from the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living in Australia argue that sports nutrition products should not be allowed to sponsor sporting events. To read the article… » read more

Sto camminando al piano zero dell’edificio Altiero Spinelli del Parlamento Europeo insieme al mio ex capo F e andando all’infocentre: parliamo della nuova legislatura, degli eurodeputati che non ci sono più e dei nuovi arrivati. «Ciò che molti MEP (eurodeputati, ndr) vogliono è essere ricordati per il lavoro che fanno» dice F e aggiunge «Questo… » read more

Joint letters with like-minded organisations are never easy to write, even among friends. Each organisation wants to add its own nuance.Different organisations may have different rules for sign-off on final drafts, and amendments can ping-pong from one to the other. I’ve been there. Sometimes, however, an issue is so important and clear that a joint… » read more

Guest blogpost by By Sascha Marschang, Policy Manager for Health Systems of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). It has already been one year since the European Union and the United States began negotiating the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” (TTIP) and international agreement sets out to simplify and enlarge trade between the world’s two… » read more

In praise of Anne Glover

As activists along the halls of the Mundo-B building smell blood and put their PR machines into high gear, a bit of rationality should be restored to the question of the role of the Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission. It is high time to acknowledge the great work that Dr… » read more

Whitehouse Consultancy Chairman, Chris Whitehouse, uses his column in Natural Products News to predict a big fight ahead to defend consumer access to safe and popular higher potency food supplements. By the time this article is published an entirely new European Parliament will have met for the very first time. These are the men and… » read more

ESSNA Vice-Chair Martin Cheifetz has appeared on BBC Radio Kent’s Breakfast show, representing ESSNA, on Monday 30th June just after 8am. Mr Cheifetz, who was interviewed by John Warnett and appeared alongside a number of other experts, discussed the sports nutrition industry’s concerns around the industrial chemical dinitrophenol (DNP), which the radio show was able… » read more

According to WHO, obesity is one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century. Ever since the 1980s, the number of obese people in the WHO European Regions has been on the rise, and increasing at an alarmingly fast rate. Excess weight causes various physical disabilities and has its fair share in the… » read more

The latest version of the EMA transparency policy gives significant weight to copyright law and intellectual property rights (IPR). In responding to the Ombudsman’s concerns about changes in its transparency policy, the agency cited a “clear message” from the Commission of the requirement to respect intellectual property rights That requirement, whatever it is, is also… » read more

The Health-2-Market e-learning has been developed to boost the entrepreneurial skills of health and life sciences researchers. The e-learning offers interactive learning environment for interested participants in starting their own business. The e-learning can be used as a standalone course or as a supplementary training to the face-to-face events.     The Health-2-Market e-learning has… » read more

A move by the Commission to amend the law on honey won’t buy off opposition from the anti-GMO lobby. The European Commission has today published Directive (EU) 66/2014 amending Council Directive 2001/110/EC relating to honey. This new piece of legislation constitutes a review of the Honey Directive that was triggered by a ruling of the… » read more

Guest blogpost by Catherine Castledine of Cancer Research UK. Like any milestone, World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) presents a chance to both take stock and look to the future. Where next for tobacco control? What are the challenges we face? How can we do more to prevent tobacco harm? As WNTD draws to a close… » read more

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