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Consumers are gearing up for a major battle with global food supplement companies to prevent consumer choice being sacrificed on the altar of European harmonisation. In the EU, food supplements are regulated as foods and the vitamins and minerals they contain are regulated through harmonised rules. This rather dry statement of fact doesn’t quite catch… » read more

I Pollute

Imagine a religion that looks at the problems in the world and concludes that it is because others sin. “If only they could be more like me!” A faith without humility and mercy is hypocritical – a congregation of zealots. As environmentalists build their beliefs into their new temple, the eco-theologians need to remind their… » read more

iWatch: Not so fast Apple

By Dr Sameer Bansilal The lure of wearable technology and its application to health is tremendous- so tremendous that even the richest company on the planet-Apple, can’t resist it apparently. And so goes the recent insider news that has captured the attention of people worldwide “Apple is developing software and sensors that can predict heart… » read more

For years, BEUC and many other organisations pressed for the transfer of responsibility for medicines from DG Enterprise to DG Sanco. It seemed wrong that one DG should combine responsibility for medicines with responsibility for promoting the European pharmaceutical industry. It was not, in my view, a question of impropriety but rather that it would… » read more

Sustainability Bias

We need a new term to be able to capture how people can be self-contradictory or outright hypocritical when pushing personal environmental decisions they have been told are sustainable. Like a symptom that finds a name (and then becomes a disease that can be treated), we can now begin to look at how we can… » read more

In linguistics, describing a word as a false friend implies that despite similarity in spelling or pronunciation, it actually has distinct – sometimes even contradictory – meanings in different languages. Describing rare diseases as ‘rare’ creates a similarly false association, one which implies they have a limited impact and scarcely occur. Drawing such a parallel… » read more

Sad, but true: Europe lost its leadership in the world, as regards tobacco control. Despite the not strong enough, weakened Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), Member States still have the opportunity to go further and put Europe back on the right track of tobacco control. (Source of the photo Official website of the Lithuanian EU presidency… » read more

The impressive spread of mobile connectivity in recent years has attracted attention on the infinite possibilities to transform healthcare services, making them accessible to people regardless of their age, social status or geographical location. Thousands of mobile applications have been developed and hundreds of pilot studies have been launched in an attempt to capture a… » read more

Electronic cigarettes will be regulated by the recently negotiated Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). E-cigarettes (nicotine inhalators) are both helpful to quit smoking and source of new dangers: long term adverse effects and re-normalisation of smoking. In my opinion, the regulation of e-cigarettes should be linked to have much stronger European tobacco control measures. What are… » read more

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