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By Chantal Vets In Europe, health data are considered so sensitive that processing them is generally prohibited in the EU, unless that processing follows specific guidelines. For example, the prohibition does not apply when sharing data is essential to providing healthcare, where those data are handled by a Healthcare Professional (HCP) subject under national law… » read more

Humanity is set to produce some 2.5 billion (!) smart phones, tablets and computers in 2014: one device for every three inhabitants of the planet. Smart phones have become the indispensable means of communication, sharply boosting productivity in certain fields. This development is taking place without an active European contribution: European companies have largely abandoned… » read more

When problems find people

Think of innovation in health and many people conjure up images of men and women in white coats – surrounded by coloured test tubes crouched over microscopes in sterile laboratories – developing intricate vaccines or other miracle cures. Yet these tightly controlled, high cost, industrial scale operations are only one end of a very long… » read more

In 2013, European science has been weakened by poor publication practices and the infiltration of politics within the production of data. From Séralini to Kortenkamp, activist researchers have used their white coats to whitewash evidence-based policymaking, diminishing the public perception of research. The Risk-Monger fears the politicisation of science will only get worse.

By Jim Murray There have been many serious cases of mis-selling and off-label promotion of medicines in the US. It seems clear therefore that off-label promotion was more than a temporary lapse or oversight by just a few companies. Could the same thing be happening here, or do pharmaceutical companies behave better on this side… » read more

Guest post by Marcel Kuntz, director of research at CNRS in Grenoble, France; Agnès E. Ricroch, lecturer at AgroParisTech in Paris; and John Davison, retired director of research at INRA Versailles. EU governments are ignoring on their own scientific risk evaluation committees and creating false pseudo-scientific documents for political gain, argue Marcel Kuntz, Agnès E.… » read more

One central theme revolved around the Second World Health Organisation’s Global Forum on Medical Devices – the WHO recognises medical devices as an investment and not a cost. However, there is a mismatch between innovation of medical devices and public health needs.  677 participants from 108 countries took their pick from 28 workshops and 4… » read more

Guest post by Matthew Walsh, Director of Corporate Affairs at Media Intelligence Partners. It is looking increasingly likely that the European Union will soon be looking into updating their Alcohol Strategy. Regrettably, cynical members of the NGO lobby appear to be preparing for the debate by trying to silence industry figures from participating in future… » read more

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