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The Death of Dialogue

The Risk-Monger spoke at a stakeholder dialogue event organised by PlasticsEurope. Why is industry the only actor trying to engage and reach out to other stakeholders (in keeping with the European Commission’s ideal expressed in the 2001 White Paper on Governance)? Can you have a dialogue when activists are attacking your right to be a… » read more

During the last 15 years, world-transgenic (GMO) soy production has reached 80 million hectares which currently represents 80% of total acreage. The graph on the right shows the annual production figures. In 2012 in Brazil, the United States and Argentina total GMO soybean ratio were 88%, 92% and 100% respectively. These developments certainly make access… » read more

Guest post by Marcel Kuntz, director of research at CNRS in Grenoble, France, Agnès E. Ricroch, lecturer at AgroParisTech in Paris and John Davison, retired director of research at INRA Versailles. – Version française en bas – EU governments are ignoring on their own scientific risk evaluation committees and creating false pseudo-scientific documents for political… » read more

At the end of a long day of opinions and recommendations and different attitudes, some aggressive, some modestly hopeful, what did we achieve when we draw the line? The Tobacco Products Directive proposal moves ahead slowly, with small but certain steps. As MEP Linda McAvan declared earlier today, the days of cigarette flavorings are numbered,… » read more

I made a personal submission to the EMA Consultation on the Publication and Access to Clinical-Trial Data, which you will find here. As I said in the submission, public consultations are more effective when it is possible … to comment on submissions from others. My submission was partly in the form of a comment on… » read more

Message with a bottle

Will tomorrow’s bottles of wine look like this? I received a letter and bottle of wine sent by a group of intellectuals and artists from Europe. Their message is that adults shouldn’t be treated as children and that that the policy of issuing well-meaning health messages should be dropped. “If you treat responsible adults like… » read more

The demand to transfer powers from the EU back to the national level is politically en-vogue in several EU Member States at the moment. EU policy on agricultural biotechnology, however, is an interesting exception. The Council of Ministers has recently deadlocked[1] a Commission legislative proposal to re-nationalise parts of EU legislation on the cultivation of… » read more

It’s increasingly clear that the Medical Technology (MedTech) industry is going through an unprecedented level of change. In Europe, budget pressures are impacting market access and reimbursement. Payers and providers require evidence of value at the clinical and socio-economic level. And buying processes are changing. In the midst of this challenging market, MedTech companies must… » read more

“Are you aware you are working in a health care industry with patients and human beings?” It Is not often you hear a regulator putting this question to a speaker from the pharmaceutical industry but this happened (twice) at a meeting I attended a couple of weeks ago. The speaker was Neal Parker, a lawyer… » read more

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