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Getting the timing right for the implementation of changes is essential to ensuring that the new regulations result in a better system for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) rather than a bureaucratic quagmire.  The sweeping changes being made to risk classification will be complex and time-consuming.  The lessons learned from similar overhauls in other markets show… » read more

Innovating the way we innovate

Our value creation capabilities based solely on R&D investment are not generating as much growth as they used to. According to PwC’s “Operating performance in the Medtech industry: Trends and imperatives” report, which studied the performance of 56 global medtech companies, the impact of R&D on revenue growth declined at an average annual rate of… » read more

By The Risk Monger Something went very wrong earlier this year with how DG SANCO pushed through a precautionary ban on neonicotinoid pesticides to “save the bees”, in a period of four months, without proper evidence, without consultation and without any attempt to manage potential risks. While the Risk-Monger expected an internal investigation into possible… » read more

In order to adress the high rates of physical activity in Europe, the European Commission adopted today a proposal for a Council Recommendation on health-enhancing physical activity. The initiative follows a call from the Council in 2012 inviting the Commission to present a proposal for a Council Recommendation promoting a cross-sectoral approach to health-enhancing physical… » read more

Why do the mHealth Grand Tour, I mean, I’ve never been a sporting cyclist (yes, I’ve commuted by bike for years but not a 100 miles a day) nor am I a huge Tour de France fan, neither do I have diabetes… and developing a rather numb posterior, day after day, seriously? Well, let’s weigh… » read more

Whether it is from campaigns in the Philippines against Golden Rice as a solution for Vitamin A Deficiency, which kills hundreds of thousands of children per year, or spreading a culture of activist civil disobedience in non-Western societies, Greenpeace has been spending millions in developing countries to impress its anti-progress, anti-development message on locals a… » read more

Ex-smokers have be busily spreading doubt about e-cigarettes. When will they stop their vindictiveness and let facts and science tell the story? var addthis_config = {“data_track_clickback”:false,”data_track_addressbar”:false,”data_track_textcopy”:false,”ui_atversion”:”300″}; var addthis_product = ‘wpp-3.0.5’;

The pharmaceutical industry is to release more clinical trial data. [Big Pharma to release more clinical trial data] Can this be evidence that the industry is emerging from the dark side. Time to wash Some folks representing the industry had apparently suggested that transparency would scare the public and lead to misinterpretation of clinical trial… » read more

Fruit d’une consultation publique lancée en 2011, qui a donné lieu à une communication, la Commission européenne a présenté le 11 juin ses recommandations pour l’établissement de recours collectifs dans les systèmes juridiques des Etats membres, sur les matières touchant au droit de l’Union Européenne (consommation, concurrence, environnement, etc…). Après plus de 10 ans de… » read more

In the past few weeks, the Swiss newspapers have been littered with an uncomfortable and poisonous prospect: the U.S. A financial force banging its chest from its modest economic recovery is demanding tax justice from Switzerland. The stable currency, neutrality and talented investment acumen that the Swiss have quietly touted to global investors has allowed… » read more

The recent mass demonstrations in Brazil have been propelled by public investment in mega football stadiums for the World Cup at the expense of desperately needed repair and maintenance of schools, hospitals and public transport. This raises the more general issue for rich and poor countries: how should sports stadiums be financed? Since Roman times,… » read more

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