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Google-bashing has become very fashionable. Businesses, individuals, and politicians around the world, but especially in Europe, have taken great delight in attacking Google: Google the monopolist, Google the privacy-killer, Google the tax-dodger, Google the facilitator of online piracy, Google the free-rider over telecoms networks. The list goes on.   My company is one of those… » read more

In the past decade several hundred newspapers in Europe have ceased publication; indeed there are probably several hundred closing each year. Almost all traditional newspapers maintain archives, while they are still publishing, it is less clear as to what happens to these archives once they cease publication. The European Court of Justice delivered a curious… » read more

This was just one of many tweets recorded during the 4th Data Harvest+ festival last weekend. Almost 200 journalists and developers/coders gather from 27 countries to exchange best practices and experiences over 2.5 days. It was inspiring to have over 70 workshops to choose from and consequently impossible to cover everything but the organisers, journalismfund.eu,… » read more

Emily O’Reilly, recently installed EU Ombudsman, encouraged journalists who has been refused access to official EU Documents to contact her office: “my Office can inspect any documents, no matter how confidential, held by any EU institution or agency. As part of an inquiry, I can also call on any EU official to testify to ascertain… » read more

Recent conversations on how Apache Stanbol, an EC research project, could both support the BloggingPortal reboot and use it to expand its language coverage led me to conTEXT, which “… allows to semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Facebook, G+, Twitter or SlideWiki.org decks) and provides novel ways for browsing and visualizing the… » read more

Lately, Aalborg pilot has focused on people engagement for its Voluntary Help Service, piloted in the MyN project. The Aalborg’s Voluntary Help Service is coordinating voluntary assistance for people with handicap to engage in various social activities in their neigbourhood. On 24 april 2014, Aalborg pilot presented their new service at the activity centre ‘LejbjergCentret’,… » read more

Dutch MP Stientje van Veldhoven has urged the European Commission to make the data of Europe’s railway companies freely available (“open data”) so that app developers can start creating a Europe-wide travel planning app. “A European-wide travel app will make international travel by rail more accessible and customer-friendly,” she told the Dutch lower house of… » read more

Governments, media and public opinion in Europe have massively condemned Turkey’s decision to ban access to twitter and youtube from the country’s 74 million citizens. An estimate of 45% of Turks however is still supporting Erdogan and will most likely lead his party to an electoral victory, regardless of the shocking incident. Ironically, Erdogan is… » read more

Tweet United States government created a communications network in an effort to undermine Cuba’s communist government with help of humanitarian agency USAID. If true, the program directly opposes the Declaration of Human Rights which advocates unregulated flow of information: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; … without interference and to seek,… » read more

The Post online letter published on 27 March 2014 From John Higgins and Lotte de Bruijin The dust of the Nuclear Security Summit has descended. The world has an additional number of arrangements for security. Next year, the Netherlands will host the Fourth International Cyberspace Conference. This Ministerial Conference is an opportunity to also make… » read more

By Chris Sherwood Good progress is being made on a number of key aspects of the EU data protection law. But the Parliament is also about to miss a valuable opportunity to ensure that the legislation is truly modern and world-leading.

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