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Tackling corporate memory loss and innovation failure requires a different paradigm than that offered by social media. My previous post (Plus ça change) was, I realise now, about more than just EC corporate memory loss, but it took a comment from a reader before I realised it. Which neatly demonstrates how sharing leads to innovation.… » read more

Dr Jean Tirole has won the Nobel Prize for Economics having pursued studies centred on regulations suited to ex State monopolies, like Power supplies, Telecom, Gas, Banks… Mr Tirole concludes that those sizable companies, once privatized, tend to accumulate excessive profits, often not decorously compatible with the community of citizens. Hence the opportunity to legislate… » read more

GA Preparation

It was a great pleasure receiving the Invitation Letter for Grant Preparation. In this line of work you get used to receiving many different letters from the Commission, but this letter is always the best, no matter how many projects you have managed. As a partner you congratulate of course to your coordinator and all… » read more

How Can Public Private Partnerships Stimulate Innovation Economy? What Can be the Role of the Industry?   Guest speaker Sinan Tumer : Senior Director SAP Co-Innovation Lab Sinan Tumer is the Senior Director of SAP Co-Innovation Lab in the East Coast region of USA. He is responsible for establishing an open innovation process by harnessing… » read more

Having submitted a number of proposals in response to the first calls of Horizon 2020, we have started receiving feedback from the European Commission in the second half of August for those proposals submitted in early spring. The Commission (or its Agencies) evaluates the Horizon 2020 proposals with the help of independent experts. Once the… » read more

In various conversations over recent months, I have noticed that a lot of people don’t understand the difference between general, or horizontal search on the one hand, and specialised, or vertical search on the other. Understanding the differences is crucial to understanding how Google abuses its dominant position, because Google systematically describes a vast “search”… » read more

OpenDiscoverySpace was showcased during the international conference on ‘Agriculture for Life, Life Agriculture’, which took place in Bucharest from the 5th to the 6th of June. On the second conference day, during the morning Agronomy session, partner Salvador Sanchez-Alonso (Universidad de Alcalá) presented OpenDiscoverySpace as a successful eLearning initiative to transform Education in Europe. Using… » read more

One of the strange phenomena of the European integration process is the slowness with which transnational business has replaced traditional structures. Business, whatever sector, has stayed for a long time where it had been before 1958. While intra-European trade has flourished companies did not feel much need to join hands with neighbouring competitors and prepare… » read more

Google-bashing has become very fashionable. Businesses, individuals, and politicians around the world, but especially in Europe, have taken great delight in attacking Google: Google the monopolist, Google the privacy-killer, Google the tax-dodger, Google the facilitator of online piracy, Google the free-rider over telecoms networks. The list goes on.   My company is one of those… » read more

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