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By Eberhard Rhein In a global economy the EU market is becoming largely irrelevant for the intensity of competition. This applies in particular to power equipment, where the European market is too small to sustain several players. The EU Commission should learn to privilege industrial over competition policy and create the environment in which “global… » read more

In 2001, concerns about the competitiveness of Europe’s pharmaceutical industry led the European Commission to form a small, high-level group to investigate. The group, known as G10, chaired by two EU Commissioners and composed of major industry and governmental health stakeholders published its final report in May 2002. A few months ago, the European Federation… » read more

  Maybe, the answers to this question and indeed all those posed below can be found at http://manufacturingatheart.eu One market for all? The European Union is built on the idea of a single European market, allowing free movement of goods, services, persons and capital – directly benefitting every EU citizen, family and company. A properly… » read more

Up to the sky

Monday, 14 April, Google announced to buy Titan Aerospace – a New Mexio-based Startup that builds unmanned vehicles flying for months or even years on very high altitude in the mid-regions of the Earth’s atmosphere. The atmospheric satellites are aimed to deliver internet access to third-world and developing countries and to realize real-time solutions for… » read more

Only a minor detail?

It seems to be only a little very unimportant detail from an overall perspective: Paper machinery imports in China break down. It is caused by declining demand for paper products and overcapacity in the industry. This is not a new story. Everywhere internet is pushing away paper. Less printed products, less demand in paper. But… » read more

By Joop Hazenberg One of the last interviews for Next Europe is with Philippe Legrain, a British economist who worked for BEPA – the Commission’s own think-tank – until this year. In his book Aftershock, he mentions four big dangers to the world (economy): financial collapse, debt crises, protectionism and climate change. We are three… » read more

The move from linear business models to circular ones is an exciting development. More and more companies are rejecting the “business as usual” model by maximizing the value extracted from resources and reusing them to generate new products as well as by improving efficiency which enable cost savings in raw materials, labour, energy, water, waste… » read more

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