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Would you take a risk with someone you did not trust? If you don’t trust your doctor, would you readily take the medication prescribed? If you don’t trust your girlfriend, would you marry her? If you don’t trust the food company (supply chain, retailer, restaurant …), would you happily eat the food? If you don’t… » read more

By Eberhard Rhein Since 1987 the international community has regularly “celebrated” July 11 as World Population Day. In 1987, the world population counted no more than five billion. Today it exceeds 7 billion and demographers have little doubt that it will exceed 9 billion in 2050 and 10 billion at the end of the century!… » read more

In less than six months the 200-odd parties of the UNFCCC will meet once again to discuss on how to cope with the earth’s most pressing challenge: halting climate change. This time, they will get together in Qatar, a country that has the highest per capita C02 emissions and an absence of effective policies to… » read more

The word “sustainability” can cover a multitude of interpretations, but when it comes to fisheries policy there is no ambiguity: today’s overfishing means tomorrow’s collapsing fish stocks. Until recently the Common Fisheries Policy has been a classic case of unsustainability, a stand-off between short term political pressures on the one hand and scientific evidence warning… » read more

The coming Earth Summit in Rio will be planet friendly and humanity hostile. We will be enduring long tirades from bitter idealists about how humans pollute the planet, burn fossil fuels, litter plastics in the oceans, cut down forests indiscriminately and celebrate inequity and social injustice for profits and personal gain. With humanity being portrayed… » read more

The precautionary principle is pure poison to evidence-based policymaking and the recent scientific findings on bees (colony collapse disorder or CCD) have highlighted how irresponsible environmental activists who try to use precaution have been and why the EU should impose rules on how this environmentally disastrous principle should be used. A University of Sheffield team,… » read more

It’s worrying me that it is so difficult to build understanding between national governments. We are all developing nations and need to understand how conditions are different depending on where we live on our planet. Mayors in cities seem to have a better capacity than nations themselves to create strong networks that support sustainable development… » read more

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