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Cancel Rio+20

The UN’s Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference is promising to be an entirely politicised, misguided event already hijacked by the eco-activists, certain to achieve nothing and cause great environmental destruction in the process. Cancel it!

On 23-25 April 2012 Sweden’s Ministry of Environment and Ministry for Foreign Affairs opens an international conference, Stockholm+40 – Partnership Forum for Sustainable Development. The discussions, which will attract a number of the world’s leading political figures, mark the 30th anniversary of the first UN Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm in 1972.… » read more

Waste, waste, waste…..

It is always pleasing when you look below the surface and see real change in a market, city or organization. No more so than with the low-carbon economy, a market that is growing rapidly and creating a more sustainable model of development. Although the low-carbon economy is not completely synonymous with the term sustainable development,… » read more

Member States are rightly shunned by their peers for getting creative with budget deficit figures. So why is there so much support from national governments to apply the same methods to the EU’s draft Energy Efficiency Directive? Leaked documents from European Council meetings show that at least 12 out of 27 Member States are seeking… » read more

Generation AIDS

What am I? I belong to a generation – a spirit of my age, but what generation? I lecture to the Net-Generation and soon to “Millennials”. I don’t think in the same manner that they do but I try to understand them. I was born at the tail-end of the Baby Boom. I don’t think… » read more

Our life style impacts the environment! Humanity’s environmental footprint has been deepening rapidly in the past decades placing our generation, and the ones to come, in great environmental risks and ‘ecological debts’ requiring immediate actions. The uncontrollable exploitation of natural resources in a continuous industrial, technological and structural development that has been proved ‘unsustainable’, have… » read more

Last week, 16 eminent scientists signed an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal that acknowledged that the climate models are badly erroneous, that the world has not warmed anywhere near the amount predicted over the last two decades and that “climate scientists” have exaggerated the relationship between climate change and CO2 levels. Conclusion: stop… » read more

What is sustainability? We have a lot of lofty definitions, hyperbole and weighty normative responsibilities tied to this concept, but what does it mean? In honour of Rio+20, coming in June 2012, the Risk-Monger thought this word should be more deeply analysed. Some people might not be happy with his conclusions. Back in September, I… » read more

Guest post by Katheryn Rivas Copenhagen has been bustling and buzzing this past week with formal induction ceremonies as Denmark for the seventh time takes the helm of the EU. The Danish government has put concentrated most of their six-month rotating presidency agenda this term in what they call “green growth” — even the Danish… » read more

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