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This week we had a kick-off meeting in Brussels for Ecolink+, an eco-innovation project supported by DG Enterprise under the umbrella of Europe INNOVA and the CIP programme. In this project ERRIN is partnering, among others, with Eurada, EBN and two expert consultancies in the area of innovation management and early stage investment, Meta-Group and… » read more

Un mois seulement après la Conférence de Copenhague, Michèle Sabban, Présidente de l’Assemblée des Régions d’Europe, organise le « Sommet de la Mer Noire » à Paris les 15 et 16 février prochains. Cette conférence sera consacrée aux problématiques environnementales de la gestion de l’eau et du tourisme durable, dans les régions du pourtour de… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Algae: The ultimate biofuel‘: Because microalgae can, in principle, be easily and quickly propagated, these organisms have been the focus of applied research investigating the generation of valuable biomass. Decisive factors in the rising intersts for algae include its ability to accommodate large quantities of lipids under certain circumstances, and the possibility to… » read more

A Renaissance in Nuclear Power—Why Now? In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in developing nuclear power in both developed and developing countries. The United States, where construction had ceased for decades, has now formally certified new reactor designs. In Europe (except for France), where nuclear power development has been […]

The following interview was published on Moday 14th December by EurActiv.com. The United States succeeded in bringing people to the moon: a dream that nobody thought would be realised. Perhaps we should think of climate protection as the new Apollo programme, the vice-chair of the European Parliament’s delegation in Copenhagen, Karl-Heinz Florenz, told EurActiv in […]

Insufficient Copenhagen reduction pledges a danger for the planet In view of to containing the rise of global temperaturesglobal temperatures and climate change within acceptable limits of maximum 2 centigrade humanity will have to reduce its green house gas emissions by half before 2050; and the developed countries must bear the major burden of this… » read more

The prime question is: why did Beijing choose to hold such a major event? The decision was only taken in late September. There were some 200 delegates and another 100 observers. The Chinese official line-up was impressive, including Li Keqiang, Li Junru, Dai Binguo, Zhang Zhijun and a separate meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao (see… » read more

Once again, hot dry rocks can be not only small things causing the foot-pain, but HDR is also the synonym for geothermal energy utilization. Enhanced geothermal systems – this is the whole approach telling about the possibility to established closed water loop bringing geothermal heat from Earth‘s depth under the surface. In previous part we… » read more

China and India have signed a five-year agreement for strengthening their cooperation on energy conservation and efficiency and also taking the lead of developing countries in the run-up to Copenhagen. This is excellent news. Developing countries should put their hand together in Copenhagen for obtaining maximum concessions from developed countries for both emission cuts and… » read more

Sir, You have recently published several articles on the European Union’s initiative to promote smart cities and energy- efficient technology (’EU to promote clean energy with smart cities‘, ‘Europe to triple funding for energy research‘, ‘Brussels to propose mandatory EU energy savings goal‘). None of these articles mention the cheap and simple measure of encouraging… » read more

Sir, Regarding ‘Can the EU pave the way for electric cars?‘: Over the past two years, PWR has looked at the issue of electric vehicle (EV) development, specifically with respect to infrastructure. This week, we have been talking to distribution engineers in the UK (in fact some of my ex-colleagues). EVs are often linked to… » read more

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