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The southern Mediterranean countries have a vital interest in engaging in the fight against climate change. Their share in global green house gas emissions may still be small, but bound to rise due to population growth and increasing energy demand; and sooner or later the international community will ask them to contribute their fair share… » read more

The newly elected Japanese candidate for prime minister has demonstrated political courage by raising Japanese climate targets for 2020. In his capacity as leader of the Democratic Party, he has indicated that Japan should reduce its C02 emissions by 25 percent over 1990 rather than only 8 percent, as proposed by his predecessor in government.… » read more

Carbon taxes will not be the panacea national governments are probably expecting and their challenge for the future will be to use tax policy as an instrument of positive change. Using environmental and green taxation to boost falling tax revenues needs indeed careful planning by government and policy makers. An essential requirement of green taxes… » read more

Sandbag, an youngish and coolish climate NGO based in London, has launched a report on the state-of-play in the EU ETS and why the system is not working as it should. An effective ETS is Sandbag’s raison d’etre, so it’s people tend to know what they are talking about. Using the recently released 2008 emissions… » read more

The G8+5 meeting in l`Aquila was disappointing for all those who had hoped the main green house gas emitter countries, which account for 80 percent of global C02 emissions, would pave the way for a successful outcome of the crucial Copenhagen climate Conference in December. Unfortunately, the gulf between developed and emerging countries remains wider… » read more

The EU wind power potential is sufficient to cover future European electricity demand at competitive costs. This is the encouraging conclusion of a technical report published by the European Environmental Agency in early June. Currently, the capacity of wind turbines installed in the EU amounts to 10 GW, which generate 4 percent of EU power… » read more

Before the adoption of any European legislative project (economic, social, political), elected officials need to be able to verify if environmental criteria have been well-integrated into it. To guarantee this, we propose the creation of a sustainable development monitoring centre that will be attached to the European Parliament To read the full article, click here… » read more

Rethinking the authorization procedures of trans-genetic varieties in Europe is imperative, both from a scientific and a democratic perspective. These procedures need to guarantee a rigorous independent evaluation of files, involve citizens in decision-making throughout a process that is as transparent as possible and which gives recourse to both national and regional safeguard clauses. Without… » read more

Call it a spoof, call it a stunt, but Greenpeace’s cheeky ‘Special Edition’ of the International Herald Tribune was a masterclass in attracting attention in an age of information overload. The enviro-lobby gave out 50,000 copies of its fake 8-page IHT in capital cities across Europe today, handing them out at train stations and in… » read more

In a recent interview with the Financial Times the new US Secretary for Energy, CHU, has ruled out the chances for raising the federal gasoline tax as not being politically feasible. That is regrettable, though no surprise to those familiar with US politics. US action against climate change, as envisaged by the Obama Administration, focuses… » read more

Phenomenon of geothermal energy is not the discovery of our generation. At the very beginning of it, in 1852, Lord Kelvin focused his attention on natural heat as an enormous source of power at disposal for human being. On the other hand, knowledge on field of physics had been not enough developed in order to… » read more

We call on the European Union to involve local populations in the production of renewable energies. The European Union needs to encourage citizens to participate in the design of projects brought by industry and push projects mounted by people themselves. ————————————————————— Post written by Philippe Barret, co-president of the European network Forum Synergies, responsible for… » read more

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