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I have been reading a lot lately, on some interesting issues – the failure of the classic party system, challenges facing democracy today, developments in metropolis’ powers, populism resurfacing. All of these are connected. Because all of them deal with the future. And with politics and the way people respond to politics today. The history… » read more

Let’s talk development [3]

Tweet Sustainable development. The holy grail of all things development. The new approach. There are many definitions to sustainable development. I guess the one I like the most is the one from the United Nations World Commission On Environment and Development, as outlined in their Our Common Future report released in 1987 – Sustainable development… » read more

In 2013 weather conditions in Europe have been marked by high instability and unpredictability. It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish the seasons. In March winter weather prevailed, in December spring time. The rain distribution has become very uneven, with heavy rains causing massive inundations, especially in Northwestern Europe. Strong and frequent winds have become… » read more

Welfare at stake?

Dear friends, The new year marks new challenges and opportunities. In 2014 we will see two tests of two major political systems – the Swedish general election and the EU’s parliamentary election. Are politicians ready to face the challenges of the welfare state, climate change and other global issues? Let me propose one of the… » read more

As issue managers in chemical companies lurch from one policy catastrophe to another, seeing public trust disintegrate and policies work against them, now is the time to do some basic thinking. What is needed are more philosophers and fewer lawyers var addthis_config = {“data_track_clickback”:false,”data_track_addressbar”:false,”data_track_textcopy”:false,”ui_atversion”:”300″}; var addthis_product = ‘wpp-3.0.5’;

Tweet Development or no development? Yesterday I had an interesting conversation regarding Romania’s current development status, centered around it’s highway system. There has been a lot of debate regarding this system in the country in the past 10 years, and for all intents and purposes it will continue, will all the debacle regarding routes, costs,… » read more

Prevent, recycle and reuse

As urban consumers our use of resources leaves a huge footprint on the planet. In Europe alone, 8 billion plastic bags find their way through to waste disposal systems, creating unnecessary environmental problems. The OECD expects that its member countries will generate 45 percent more waste than it did in 1995. A new EU directive… » read more

My dinner with Axel

Last month the Risk-Monger was seated at a table with Axel Singhofen, the adviser on health and environment for the Greens in the European Parliament and former toxics campaigner for Greenpeace’s European Unit. Axel spent a good part of the evening telling those around the table his stories about how “industry” had been so wrong… » read more

The planet’s atmosphere is constantly being flooded with more greenhouse gases. The more that we unleash, the more we warm the planet. Put simply: now is the time to let our fossil fuel reserves rest in peace. If we are to create a sustainable future, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says that at least two-thirds… » read more

Yesterday’s intervention by leading businesses, investors and trade associations showed that far from being a drag on the economy, stable climate policies makes business sense says Nick Molho, Head of Climate and Energy Policy at WWF-UK. In a statement out yesterday, over 100 organisations comprising mainly of major businesses, investors and trade associations from various… » read more

L’Europe l’oublie trop souvent, mais elle se doit d’être en première ligne dans les domaines qui feront notre futur. Que ce soit sur le plan social, économique ou environnemental, l’Union européenne doit montrer l’exemple et faire en sorte que la vie de ses citoyens soit rendue meilleure en mettant en place des bonnes pratiques. Les… » read more

The 19th climate conference in Warsaw will be remembered for not having brought Humanity any closer to a successful climate accord. Posterity will recall it more for discord than agreement: discord with Australia, Japan and Poland for backtracking on their climate targets and walk-out of the environment associations for lack of progress towards the signature… » read more

In conversation with BUILD UP, Rod Janssen, long-term consultant to the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) talks about the Recast EPBD, low energy buildings and the need for strong leadership on energy efficiency.   What was eceee’s involvement in the EPBD and the Recast EPBD? Firstly, eceee closely followed the approval process… » read more

It has never happened before in any of the preceding climate conferences! Delegates take to hunger strike! Demonstrations have become more vociferous: against Polish coal-fired power plants, Australia scaling back climate targets to ridiculous five per cent reductions of C02 and Japanese further rise of C02 emissions! Finally, Warsaw has shown the beginning of an… » read more

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