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By our latest blogger, Giuseppe Moliterni Well over half of British voters now want to leave the European Union, according to an opinion poll that shows anti-EU sentiment is sweeping through all three main political parties. The Opinium/Observer survey finds that 56% of people would probably or definitely vote for the UK to go it… » read more

The idols of the New Left

A few days before Barack Obama’s re-election, Larry Summers published a Reuters commentary reassuring readers that the incumbent President deserved four more years in office, as during his first term he did not stray one bit from Bill Clinton’s political legacy. But were the Clinton years really as magical as all that ? Together with… » read more

Miliband gets real on Europe

By David Gow Ed Miliband’s comments yesterday – in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph ahead of today’s speech at the CBI conference – have widely and cynically been interpreted as his response to the growing support for Ukip. Or, at the very least, as another stage in his campaign to drive David Cameron’s Tories… » read more

By David Seymour Some hasty new lines had to be written into the speech which Nick Clegg delivered at Chatham House on the morning after the Government’s Commons defeat on the EU budget. They were the ones which naturally grabbed the headlines. But the Deputy Prime Minister used the occasion to set out the commercial,… » read more

UK focus on Reform

The Future of Journalism looks set to focus on the UK in coming days and weeks. Boris Johnson, London’s Mayor and prolific scribbler, has penned a particularly personal attack on The Guardian in the Daily Telegraph “Newspapers are worth fighting for – even when they are wrong” but strongly defends its right to publish and… » read more

BBC network hosted yesterday an interview with Golden Dawn deputy Ilias Panagiotaros. The deputy talked about the goals and ideas of his party, the conditions in the Greek society, and the way his colleagues endeavor to combat against the crisis. Just to remind you, Golden Dawn is the racist, neo-nazi party that entered the Greek… » read more

By Jennifer McKiernan AN INDEPENDENT Scotland’s membership of the EU cannot be firmed up until the UK Government makes a move, the European Commission has confirmed. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and UK Prime Minister David Cameron have signed the Edinburgh Agreement, giving the legal green light for a referendum on an independent Scotland.

BOOZE price hikes to combat alcohol abuse would be illegal, according to a top EU official. The SNP’s flagship policy to introduce minimum pricing was passed by Holyrood earlier this year, but needed the stamp of approval from the European Commission. Now commission vice president Antonio Tajani has turned his back on the plans, adding… » read more

The latest move by the so-called “eurosceptics” (Cash-style phrase for Europhobes) was to hijack “eurorealism”. So the immediate question is to wonder whether – and in what way – they are “realists”. But pondering that question, I got stuck on their “scepticism”, their apparent starting point. A real sceptic does not normally take any stance… » read more

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