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From yesterday’s (weds) speeches by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and Michael Barnier, Internal Market Commissioner, we now have a little more detail on the Commission’s proposals for a European Banking Union. In particular, the modified roles of the European Central Bank (ECB) as the banking supervisor within the 17 member states… » read more

By Peter Wilding Cameron is facing two potentially explosive Europe issues this week. First, the reshuffle. All eyes will be on the current, highly-respected Europe Minister, David Lidington. A eurorealist, he caused Europhobe ire by telling Le Monde, the UK was (at heart) a “convinced European” whose best interests were to stay inside the EU.… » read more

It is time for change

It has been 5 years since the credit crunch that led to the global financial crisis, which eventually fed into the sovereign debt crisis across Europe, started. 5 years and 5 summers that policy makers and politicians have been struggling to contain one of the worst economic crises the world has seen. One can excuse… » read more

Is Cameronism defined?

In this week’s Economist edition Bagehot questioned the real meaning of Cameronism. Indeed, the article was referring to what finally this term means, and the UK’s PM trembling steps towards shaping his chairmanship message and put into track realistic politics. In other words, Cameronism seems more invested with idealism rather than action. It is true… » read more

The two dominating trends among EU leaders are to cut losses of players in virtual economy at the expense of taxpayers and to guide EU towards strict federation at the expense of democracy. The financial crisis has been in headlines already a few years. Despite continuous emergency meetings between EU and especially Eurozone countries no… » read more

Labour leaders must lie in their beds at night praying for the spectre of Europe to once again strike the Conservative Party. As they know to their cost, nothing does more damage to a political party than the perception of division. And nothing divides the Tories more than Europe. It did for them under William… » read more

Another quarter, another set of negative GDP figures, another drop back in recession for the British economy. The much talked about but yet elusive recovery seems to be slipping away from our grasp once again. Many, especially those on the left side of the political spectrum, will tell you this was inevitable. No surprise. Nor… » read more

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