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Hammond urges Germany to match its economic might with military weight By David Gow Two decades ago, in the wake of reunification, the then German defence minister, Volker Rühe, officially opened the Bendlerblock as the Berlin seat of his ministry. It was a highly symbolic ceremony: the building was the HQ of those brave if… » read more

Charity begins at home?

Internal and external EU development funding comes under attack By Matt Lewis Parliament’s International Development Committee today publishes its report on EU development assistance. The Committee of MPs found that over 50% of Europe’s development aid budget is going to “relatively rich” countries like Turkey and Serbia, and warned that this situation “could devalue the… » read more

By David Seymour – Despite the tens of thousands of words which have been written on Rupert Murdoch’s appearance at the Leveson inquiry (and there is another day of it to come) nothing has been made of what he said about Europe. There may or may not be much significance in his answers about relationships… » read more

Osborne finds few allies still cheerleading austerity By David Gow The UK is officially in recession: Wednseday’s figures show a 0.2% contraction in the first quarter after one of 0.3% in the final three months of 2011. The City and its media acolytes have got egg all over their face after predicting a “bounce-back” of… » read more

Slack reporting

Whether lazy, or deliberately misleading, Daily Mail piece hinders reform of EU failings By Matt Lewis Yesterday’s Daily Mail piece about the“excesses and waste” of the European Parliament is the usual example of EU Hate Mail…. For once, the factual details are justaccurate enough to prevent a meaningful case, but everything about the piece –… » read more

The battle in Brighton

Can Britain reform the European Court of Human Rights? By Peter Wilding Theresa May headed to the Commons yesterday with good news: the radical cleric, Abu Qatada, had been arrested, a deal had been struck with Jordan and his deportation was “imminent” – the only problem was they may have to wait months for it… » read more

Ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs International cheerleads elected commissioners By David Gow “The present crisis is irredeemable without major political changes,” Sir Peter Sutherland, ex-chairman of Goldman Sachs International and of BP, told a Federal Trust/Konrad Adenauer Stiftung discussion group last night (Monday). His solution: a new growth strategy, led by Germany, and a fresh drive… » read more

By Peter Wilding Open Europe’s Christopher Howarthrevives an old idea whose time might now have come. Given the complexity of diplomatic relations with the capitals and institutions of Europe, would it now be wise to appoint a cabinet minister specifically responsible not only for articulating a serious European policy but to win friends and influence… » read more

An unexpected response

Business leaders back euro, despite stream of negative press By David Seymour As Nucleus has mentioned before, in this country we tend to get an unremitting diet of negative stories about Europe and, in particular, the euro. It wasn’t so long ago that we were being told that no one, but no one, now believed… » read more

By Peter Wilding Britain’s EU membership is not an affair of the heart but an accounting exercise, in which economic advantages (above all from membership of the single market) must be weighed against the costs of red tape, lost sovereignty, and taxpayers’ cash paid into the EU budget. So saysBagehot in today’s Economist, repeating baldly… » read more

The pain in Spain

Rajoy defends borrowing in face of criticism By Matthew Lewis Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has rebuked “statements from some European leaders” regarding his country’s borrowing, and warned them to “be cautious in what they say”. Rajoy warned that debt had created a “vicious circle that strangles Spain”, and called for eurozone leaders to focus… » read more

ECHR backs UK Government

Hamza and friends to be extradited to the US following European court decision By Matthew Lewis The Council of Europe has gone some way to gaining redemption in the eyes of the British press, with the news that the European Court of Human Rights hasbacked the extradition of Abu Hamzaand four other terror suspects from… » read more

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