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Bowing to the inevitable

By David Gow Berlin agrees to firewall boost, but falls short of market demands Ever the pragmatist, Angela Merkel is bowing to the inevitable and has signalled that Germany will lift its opposition to boosting the eurozone’s firewall(s) against sovereign debt contagion. On Friday, in Copenhagen, the eurogroup of finance ministers will formally approve the… » read more

Le Comeback-Kid

By David Gow David Cameron’s judgment may well be vindicated: don’t write off Nicolas Sarkozy, he said, and, voila, lecomeback-kid remonte dans les sondages. The bloody end to the siege of Mohamed Merah in Toulouse and Sarkozy’s handling of the brutal murder of seven in the “pink city” has given the president’s re-election campaign a… » read more

‘Fortress Europe’

London and Berlin side over protectionist policy Britain and Germany are more natural economic allies than Germany and France, it’s often said. Yesterday, in Brussels, this was starkly illustrated when Michel Barnier, internal market commissioner, unveiled the EC’s proposals for “reciprocity” in global public procurement markets. “The EU should no longer be naïve and should… » read more

David Cameron has a very sensitive choice to make about which fighter jet Britain should buy. It threatens to undermine his much-vaunted defence partnership with France. It is all about catapults and aircraft carriers. Politicians and military analysts say that switching to the C variant from Labour’s original decision to go with the B variant… » read more

By Peter Wilding. Although the Telegraph thinks that our fellow Europeans will be riled, the UK is urging other European governments to adopt the newly-minted British system of financial supervision. Mark Hoban, UK financial services minister, said that the Financial Reporting Committee’s job would be “taking away the punchbowl” from overheated markets. Speaking at a… » read more

Merkozy, c’est fini

End of the affair as Ange and Nick go their separate ways The liaison turned out to be trop dangéreuse. On Wednesday, after a slow-burning affair of almost five years, Nicolas broke off with Angela. She won’t, after all, pledge her troth at public rallies during his re-election campaign.Merkozy, c’est fini. Cue the theme of… » read more

And the medicine ain’t working We certainly are all in this together when it comes to the great debate on growth versus austerity. At home we have the leaked letter from Vince Cable in which he attacks the coalition government of which he is a member, claiming that it lacks vision, ambition and confidence. Mr… » read more

The new campaign group to promote professional lobbying has condemned the UK government’s consultation on a new statutory register of lobbyists as “shameful”. The government proposes to introduce a statutory register applying only to multi-client lobbying companies, exempting many others engaged in lobbying. The only explanation for this move given is that the clients represented… » read more

I greatly welcome the publication by Open Europe of their paper on repatriating EU Social Policy. You can view the report here. It is of fundamental importance to the jobs and growth agenda in the UK, and is unique in that it quantifies the cost to the UK economy of complying with EU Social Policy… » read more

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