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There are some who are tempted to let David Cameron enjoy the consequences of his latest tantrum at the European Council. But for the sake of the long-term relationship of Britain and Europe it is probably worth rescuing him. Here are the elements of the deal. The European Commission apologises for the clumsy way in… » read more

Will Juncker’s Commission survive unscathed? (picture via @Gruene_Europa) On Monday we will see the first hearings of European Commission nominees by the European Parliament committees responsible for their respective policy areas (full calendar here). The UK nominee, Lord Hill, will ironically be grilled by MEPs at the same time as David Cameron will be giving his… » read more

Winning the referendum on Scottish independence has thrown the British Establishment into a mighty tither. Only the Queen, whose mother was a Scot, emerges with dignity intact. Not that things would have been very much calmer if the answer had been Yes rather than No. The fact is that without a written constitution to regulate… » read more

Act in haste – repent at leisure? The big question over Scottish independence may have been settled but the campaign has thrown up a whole host of further questions concerning the UK’s constitutional settlement that will need to be addressed in the near future. We look at some of these questions and at how they… » read more

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