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Prime Minister David Cameron is reaching the top of his popularity. It is rather a negative popularity in the country on the Vistula River, but still. Hardly anyone mentions the context of his statement, namely the approaching elections to the European Parliament and the opposition Labour Party, which has been leading in the polls for… » read more

BBC Children in Need

Last night BBC One (and BBC Two) hosted the charity appeal night for BBC Children in Need. The show kicked off at the Old Vic pub, with some special cast members off Eastenders, boyband supergroup, McFly and their new partner in crime, Busted. A mini pub quiz ensued, with the prize being a titanic golden… » read more

The recent revelation about the scope of surveillance has been shocking even for national leaders, who are generally aware of secret national security programmes and their implications. But the debate should also focus on another very important point: the responsibility of our legislators. By Vigjilenca Abazi The revelation of NSA surveillance brings a new dimension… » read more

by Magda Stoczkiewicz, Director at Friends of the Earth Europe /// In a recent piece for the EUObserver I highlighted a worrying issue that emerged from last week’s European Council in Brussels: the ‘cut red tape’ initiative promoted by UK Prime Minister David Cameron. The proposal, which was welcomed by other EU leaders, is cause… » read more

Superficially at least, the ongoing civil war in Syria appears to highlight the West’s inability, unprecedented for decades, to put a stop to it. Adverse to direct military intervention, President Obama has even ruled out Kosovo-style punitive strikes without the endorsement of Congress. Premier David Cameron’s strident advocacy of military action against Syria has been… » read more

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