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A need for balance

by Diogo Pinto, Secretary General, European Movement International /// The European Movement has existed since 1948, inspired by, amongst others, Sir Winston Churchill. We understand the need for, and constantly demand a stronger, more democratic and prosperous European Union; but, crucially, we understand the value being united brings to all involved. What we see through… » read more

Problems of EU citizenship in the UK Throughout the EU, implementing free movement law still poses significant challenges for Member States and exercising EU free movement rights is rarely as straightforward as one might wish for EU citizens and their families. These challenges are not only the obvious practical ones about the application of law… » read more

Royal asbestos

The royal baby still has to wait to begin his life in his new home. It is being refurbished. More than ₤1.1m will be the public cost of refurbishing the Kensington Palace apartment IA. Most of the bill (₤600,000) has been used to remove asbestos, the rest was spent on repairing the roof. So Kensington… » read more

Brits go home

Guest post by “Yuri Diabolos”, European Commission Civil servant, Brussels The current debate on Brexit in England is raising strange arguments in Brussels, the consequences of which may not be considered in London. Reading the outcome of last month’s summit, I was frustrated that most commentary focused on how much a given Member State had… » read more

by Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP, member of the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee. /// Last week to astonishing cries of “shame” from the Conservative backbenches, Home Secretary Theresa May announced that the UK will seek to remain a part of 35 European policing and criminal justice measures, including the European Arrest… » read more

By Paul Hagan On Monday the DUP’s leader and Northern Ireland’s First Minister finally came out, he admitted that Northern Ireland is better-off within the EU and warned of the effect on the economy and foreign direct investment to Northern Ireland, especially from the US, if the UK left the EU. Not astounding in itself… » read more

Alessandro Fusco, International Officer, Young European Movement UK/// As my plane was descending on the sundried Castilian countryside, I remember the excitement and the expectation I was feeling. I was looking forward to my Erasmus year in Salamanca, a beautiful city 200km west of Madrid, famous for its university – the fourth oldest in Europe… » read more

By Jeff Gould The recently revived debate over the UK’s draft communications data bill and its so-called snoopers’ charter raises justifiable concerns about government attempts to monitor citizens’ internet browsing behaviour and email correspondence with the cooperation of private companies. The collection of data and the subsequent potential to engage in profiling or mining of… » read more

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