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Written by Saurav Raj Pant (member of IPWG). David Cameron’s announcement of holding a referendum by 2017 for deciding whether to stay in or move out of the EU if he wins the next term truly created a buzz around the entire Trans-Atlantic political spheres. This possibly game-changing proposal has drawn mixed reactions from both… » read more

What on earth is going on inside the Conservative Party? Are the last years of the Major Government repeating themselves, with “Europe” once again tearing the Party to pieces and driving it to electoral suicide? by Ben Patterson, former MEP and current chairman of the Conservative Party in Kent.

Events over the last few days should not come as a surprise. Mr Cameron has for a while now been unable to impose his authority upon his party on the issue of EU membership. Even though he has expressed the wish to keep Britain in the EU (albeit the reduced, one-dimensional and irrelevant EU he… » read more

History for Hobbits?

by Tom Spencer – former Conservative Member of the European Parliament. I believe that there will be an In/Out Referendum in 2017. I further believe that it cannot be won as a debate about the defects of the European Union as selectively chosen by the Eurosceptics. Rather we must re-engage in the debate which we… » read more

by Peter Kellner – President, YouGov Will the United Kingdom still be a member of the European Union in 2020? Let us examine three scenarios. 1. The Conservatives win the 2015 and David Cameron is able to redeem his promise to renegotiate Britain’s membership terms and hold a referendum in 2017. If current public hostility… » read more

By Catherine Bearder MEP There is a single word which has legions of Euro-sceptics flinging down their newspapers in disgust. The word is ‘now’. NOW Brussels wants tightrope walkers to wear hardhats, NOW meddling bureaucrats want to ban the Great British tea room. It is a word accompanied with a fist pumped in anger upon… » read more

In the wake of the sovereign debt crisis, we are used to thinking that neoliberalism has a negative effect only on Europe’s weaker economies. In fact, in many richer parts of the continent people have become obsessed with their regions’ per capita income, to the point of considering to split up for good with their… » read more

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