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The decision last night of the European Union to cap the bankers’ bonuses is a true step in the right direction to regulate the financial markets. Today’s harsh reaction of the City of London shows clearly how necessary this decision was and how outraged these so-called elite-bankers are. This strong opposition has also been supported… » read more

By Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP Under the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, the British government must by 2014 decide whether the UK will remain a participant in, or exercise a mass ‘opt-out’ from, a set of about 130 existing (pre-Lisbon) EU laws in the field of policing and crime-fighting. These were decided under the old ‘Third Pillar’… » read more

Barely one month has passed since British Prime Minister David Cameron gave his long-awaited speech on the future of the UK in or out of the EU. In short, he has promised voters that he would hold a referendum on Britain’s 40-year European Union membership by 2017, after he renegotiated Britain’s ties to the bloc… » read more

Hollande snubs Cameron

The French president Francois Hollande, last week snubbed British Prime Minister David Cameron at his drive to reduce the proposed EU budget, in which he eventually succeeded. As Cameron walked into the meeting he said: “The numbers are much too high. They need to come down – and if they don’t come down there won’t… » read more

February 07, 2013 Dear Mr Farage, We, the Bulgarian Community in the United Kingdom wish to address several issues regarding your stance on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens entering the United Kingdom and especially the upcoming cessation of transitional labour restrictions pertaining to nationals of the two countries. First in the list of things the notion… » read more

Ministry of Silly Steps

In the common language “a child, a person with special needs” reflects a permanent physical or mental disability. These words were used by Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs to describe the position of Great Britain in the European Union. He could have mentioned an illness, told about a possible treatment, claimed his readiness to help,… » read more

THE UK Scottish Secretary has snubbed a Scottish Government plea to help clear up the issue of an independent Scotland’s place in Europe. SNP leader Alex Salmond told Holyrood he wanted the UK Government to make a joint approach to the European Commission, as the Scottish Government could not do so alone. Mr Salmond said:… » read more

It was delivered at last, with a few days’ delay befitting the world press who capitalized with columns of hypotheses and guesses about the content of the speech. Cameron’s intention was clearly that to appease his home electorate rather than scare the UK partners in Europe, but was it? It is unequivocal that when someone… » read more

This has been a speech of contradictions. The Prime Minister tried to be all things to all men and managed to fail on every possible count. He stated that Britain should remain a member of the EU but he proudly listed all the things Britain is not part of. He said he wants an EU… » read more

By Andrew Duff MEP A new band of ‘euro-realists’ has appeared on the scene. Who are these people? They are mostly British and mostly Tory British. In the European Parliament, the euro-realists cluster in the group of European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). Here Tory MEPs are joined by Czechs from the party of outgoing President… » read more

Against everyone’s advice

By Petros Fassoulas, Chairman of the European Movement UK The closer europhobes think Britain is getting to an EU exit the bigger the body of evidence and the number of people advising against it becomes. You cannot blame them for feeling the ground disappearing under their feet. For far too long they claimed that the… » read more

Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, is among those who want to improve Parliamentary scrutiny of what goes on in the eurozone and suggests we could do this by removing British MEPs. He’s right on the first point but wrong on the second ‑ and risks having his Parliament sued in the European Court… » read more

SCOTLAND’S deputy first minister wants urgent talks with the European Commission on the process of independence.   Nicola Sturgeon, who is leading the campaign for an independent Scotland, has been belatedly pushed into action by yet another interview where European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso reiterated his belief an independent Scotland would be outside the… » read more

David Martin MEP today (Tuesday 4 December) received a response from the European Commission that he hopes will once and for all establish, clearly and without doubt, the situation regarding a newly independent Scotland in the European Union. “Today, I have received word from Mr Barroso, President of the European Commission, that the answer given,… » read more

World AIDS Day

The first of this month marked the 25th World AIDS Day, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the illness. Aiming to spread positive messages of scientific breakthroughs in treatment, the 1st of December also signifies to the public and the British government that the fight against HIV is far from over. AIDS has resulted… » read more

After having dealt with UK positions towards the European Union, it is necessary to understand EU position towards United Kingdom. As already stated yesterday, UK a member of the back in time ECC in 1973. Before that, anyway, UK applied for membership in 1961 and 1967. So what was the problem? One country: France. De… » read more

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